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for A Rabbit among Wolves

3/2 c33 Vizorus69
And here comes Cinder, ready to fail horribly once more.
3/2 c33 26BlackDragonDevilGod
Am I the only one who sees the soon to be death match between Jaune and Cinder ending up like Neo?
3/2 c33 1Vanishing Trooper
All out waifu war between Trifa, Coco, Sienna, and Cinder.
3/2 c33 Gentai
Well Cinder's fucked.

Good chapter and I do agree with you about RT's writting, they butchered the show post season 3. Hell the rot had already set in by the later stages of season 3 in regards to villain; Adam.
3/2 c33 7Dragon Bone Z
What magazine you worked for? Sorry for bad english?
3/2 c33 1Dax379
Holy fuck that Author's Note. Seriously? And no one noticed? Damn, I have to say I would not have had the balls for something like that. Then again, online anonymity and all that, so it's unlikely people would catch on anyway.
3/2 c33 8triscythe59
Any plans on bringing the Robyn Hill and her Happy Huntress in the following chapters? Things may get interesting if her group appears and supports Jaune’s group.
2/28 c32 2Benji the Monocat
Mein fuhrer!
2/27 c31 Anon23221
This is an incredible story, I like how the characters relate. :)
2/25 c13 AyakoA-chan
Note: Jaune and Trifa introduced themselves as Jamie and Tifa, so is it a misspelling that Elizabeth used his real name or is it a later plot point?
2/24 c1 Guest
Cringe. 4/10
2/23 c32 Ryoji Mochizuki
2/23 c32 Jojo Reference
Would it be awesome and funny that Jaune's Semblance in this story manifests Adam's spirit (who is real and acts as his spirit advisor somewhat) to fight for him like a Stand Power?

That would make a lot of surprised reactions and entertainingly wrong assumptions from the White Fang and everyone else in the Vytal Festival seeing Jaune Arc has the manifestation of Adam Taurus fighting for him at his side.

Jaune: "Before you ask, YES! THIS IS A JOJO REFERENCE!" *does the Jotaro pose with Adam as his Stand*
2/23 c32 Akuma-Heika
Did the canon Great War happen in this, or did you turn the Faunus War into the Great War and remove the latter?
2/22 c32 lakenov
i have reread this chapter so many times, i fucking love this speech
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