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for A Rabbit among Wolves

11/12/2022 c1 Guest
All these puns and no one noticed that you ended chapter 69 with a sex scene.

Well done.
11/13/2022 c19 1MaracaRin
There’s a couple things about this story that don’t make particularly logical sense, like Jaune being able to kill Adam and Cinder not just toasting him for taunting her, but Jaune managing to perform as Vivian completely off-the-cuff takes the cake. Not to say it isn’t comedic, but still, how?!
11/12/2022 c58 1Ushio
What children? they are 17 as first years and your British right? the UK sends 17 year olds in to combat.
11/7/2022 c69 2Wild Fox Fire
so no sequel
11/4/2022 c69 JauneFaunus
I feel like Sienna will soon find out why one of Jaune's symbols is a rabbit. XD

This would be my Headcanon epilogue, Sienna Khan becoming the new Kali Belladonna. XD
11/2/2022 c63 1MaracaRin
Honestly, I think it would’ve been funny to just leave the story on Jaune admitting he isn’t a Faunus. Backlash? Who cares?
11/2/2022 c38 MaracaRin
Tukson isn’t coming back, is he
11/2/2022 c25 MaracaRin
In this episode of late-season RWBY (AKA Ironwood Holds the Idiot Ball), Atlas manages to let Torchwick escape by targeting Jaune.
10/31/2022 c69 starfett13
continue with this story please it's really cool I really loved this story please :)
10/28/2022 c69 Valtoran
An nice(LOL 69) dramedy even if some characters lost focus by the end, good luck in the future
10/18/2022 c57 Assume
My guess is that Ozpin will accept Jaune as a student, thereby making the precedent court case apply to him as well. He may still have the application, all he has to do is accept Jaune as a late coming for the Vytal Tournament or something. Would be an interesting way to stick it to the council
10/19/2022 c69 mickeysofine
"Yes," said Jaune. "And you've made it. Congratulations – here are the consequences. Submit or be beaten down, arrested and forced through radicalisation programs until you stop trying to drag us into war."

deradicalization programs*
10/16/2022 c69 Guest
Nice chapter number to end on

For a parody it did go down some dark areas

I also wanted to see Ruby handling being the mayor of Vale
10/13/2022 c69 15WwEpsilonwW
And then they fucked.

The end.

Haha. Anyway, absolute banger of a story. Really, you are such a talented person to have this many original stories on who I was convinced was a whiny piece of shit when I first watched RWBY. You, good sir, are now the reason I have a sexy Anti-Aether from Genshin Impact as my wallpaper, who I frequently use as a mental image for your stories.
10/12/2022 c48 WwEpsilonwW
Ah, Blake's hate boner turned into a-and excuse my language-limp dick.
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