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for A Rabbit among Wolves

3/4 c33 25The Jingo
Top fic
3/4 c33 Alucard Bellsing
To continue the comparison with Code Geass, Beacon is becoming the Ashford Academy of your setting.
3/4 c33 Guest
Jaune gonna pull what he did in Prof Arc again, wont he? Accidentally bluffing his way into bed with an attractive older woman.
3/4 c33 Paperman0
Forget Ironwood, Ozpin. If you really invite Jaune to the dance, you will need to protect yourself from Velvet! How can a girl keep her teamleader away from the local terrorist if the esteemed headmaster keeps inviting him to school? She and Blake should talk.

Talking about Blake, will Ilia be Jaune's 1? She would never miss a chance to ogle her favorite catgirl in a dress.
3/3 c33 Guest
love it
3/3 c33 2ScoopsPlease
Every. Character. You touch. Becomes amazing.

I honestly think the weakest part of this story is team rwby, and I don't mean that as a bad thing. You've just made all the other ones so exciting to read about!

Oh, also, your Sienna is extremely entertaining to read, I'm looking forward to seeing more of her and Jaune interacting.
3/3 c33 Skeletalrepublic
caught up with this fic, I must say.

Holy shit, you did more for Jaune's character development with each chapter than Roosterteeth had done with the entire show.
3/3 c33 Sorlian
Good god, what happens if Cinder's brilliant plan runs into the SNAFU that there are TWO leaders of the White Fang there when her plan goes off, and Jaune accidentally saves Sienna?

Also, the real victory for the White Fang, getting Ozpin on your side. Who better to push a cause which will take generations than an immortal wizard?
3/3 c33 2headreviewer mk2
I would be interested to know Gira's thoughts on Juan.
3/3 c33 Daniel-palacio
Un gran capítulo muchas gracias por todo el tiempo que se dedica a esta increíble historia de te agradece muchísimo espero con muchas ganas la próxima actualización n.n
3/3 c33 2gogo bananas
3/3 c33 5Fox Boss
I really want to see the Arc family and Team RWBY's reaction to FM, mainly his 'relationship' with Sienna.
I can see Yang complimenting Jaune of his taste in women, being slightly jealous.
I can see Juniper and her daughters being distracted by it on her way to Vale.
3/3 c1 25The Jingo
I'm dead that car chase was amazing
3/3 c33 The Hero named Villain
Ilia your priorities are in the right place, except for the Blake part.

Secretly I expect/hope that Jaune and Illia get a drunken one night stand with each other(Jaune can wear a dress well ) the drama of ilia getting preggers will be hilarious.

I’m kinda hoping Jaune and Pyrrha make the same promise for the dance, Jaune and Pyrrha dancing with each other both in dresses is a cute sight
3/3 c33 Mon
Oh god. How heartless can you be? Comments on online articles are usually pure cancer. Those poor, poor newbies. I can't even
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