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for A Rabbit among Wolves

9/25/2022 c32 Guest
Came back to read this chapter months later because that is one HELL of a speech. Really got me thinking too, with all the parallels to real life.
9/27/2022 c69 Ancientgu150
Please tell me the new story will be the Helluva Boss crossover one you mentioned.
9/24/2022 c69 Sharlesmangereat
Honestly this feels more like you shoving your political opinions into this fic than you actually writing a good story, but at least I don't need to think about this garbage anymore now
9/23/2022 c69 Mard Geer03
holy shit, I just realized that the story is finished. I planned on waiting til october 11 for the update but it has the "completed" tag. teach me to read properly yea?

9/23/2022 c69 Nameless Samurai
Left on the best number in the best way. Honestly, I applaud you.
9/21/2022 c69 1Arundite
Well, it was a good ride while it lasted. The story had its ups and downs but I appreciate that you didn’t drag it on.

Now that it’s over, I wonder if you’ll give Arc Of Revolution (the fic everyone was hyped you might be echoing when this story first released) a try.
9/20/2022 c69 MisterNTP
9/18/2022 c69 Kenji Shimura
All i can say is NiCe
9/15/2022 c8 Guest
I like how Lisa Lavender here is basically Code Geass’s Diethard Reed for this fic. It’s perfect. And has a mellow yet also serious undertone to it all.
9/14/2022 c69 Guest
The funniest part about this chapter? YOU HAD THE SEX PART ON CHAPTER 69!


Keep it up, hopefully the next story has the same humour elements.
9/15/2022 c69 4Camolot the Creator
Well, you actually finished it! Well done, few enough good fics end up cancelled or abandoned- speaking as someone who's abandoned a few fics in my time. Good work all around.
9/12/2022 c69 Snake551g
Just wanted to say this work was amazing thank you for the hard work enjoyed evrery second of it would love to see a sequel if possilbe but either way just well done!
9/11/2022 c69 35An Preson Peepul
Well, that was fun while it lasted. Touched a lot more politics than I'd have thought from the beginning, and in ways I certainly didn't expect, but y'know, it was surprising in a good way. Not that often writers will take a strong political stance in their stories, not when it risks people getting pissed off and defensive about being seemingly called out. Bit disappointed that Coco disappears entirely almost halfway through, but here's to hoping you follow through with a later story.

Welp, time to catch up on all your other stories. Until then, keep up the great work, and stay safe!
9/8/2022 c69 Guest
This is the second story you’ve ended with Jaune getting some from a cat girl good job
9/10/2022 c19 RyuuyaOoguro
I didnt know there were so much V words. le die.
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