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for A Rabbit among Wolves

3/2 c33 epantoja521
This is a great chapter as always
3/2 c33 6XxDarkangelxX2003
As the saying goes:

'One does not simply kill Jaune Arc.'
3/2 c33 246vili
If Ironwood was pissed Ozpin invited Jaune to the opening ceremony, wait until he sees Jaune AND Sienna on the Beacon Dance.
All the while Cinder plans to personally assasinate him, which will no doubt end up failing somehow and practically force Jaune to work together with Ozpin against the comon threat.

I bet a lot of people moticed the RWBY names, but most likely just asumed it was someone being funny by sending in letters under those names.

Keep up the good work.
3/2 c33 XxDashiexX
cinder: omae wa mou shinderiu
3/2 c33 1BrokenLifeCycle
I seriously want a chapter focused on how his family is reacting to all of this.

For that matter, I question Atlas's ability to remain moral knowing that Jaune has a family...
3/2 c33 10HarmonyDST05
I miss Adam's snark dialogues
3/2 c33 1axel100
So the award for the most threatening female in Juane Arc's life goes to...Juniper Arc. We all know plot armor will afford Juane some protection against the Fallen Maiden but at the rate his mom is going, she's going to out him and do more damage than Cindy ever could.
3/2 c33 Quzix
I was not expecting the Monty Python reference. That was very well timed.
3/2 c33 hzchb11
Hohoho what's next? Jaune and Sienna will come to the dance together and avoid Cinder's assassination attempt flawlessly.
3/2 c33 1Trapdere
I hope Neo and Cinder fight each other for the honor of killing Jaune.
3/2 c33 3Australian Dealer
Mate the fact you put RWBY character names in for your magazine is hilarious. I wish I was in the UK since I would look for that.
3/2 c33 antisnipe
Got the reference. Had a good minute chuckle
3/2 c33 3The Richmaster
this was a lot of fun to read; really looking forward to Sieena's meeting
3/2 c33 TheChairIsAgainstTheWall
Somewhere out there, you’ve made some Ruby fan who buys your stuff very happy.

And is Jaune’s middle name Brian, perchance?
3/2 c33 Zcypher
Oh boy, Cinder is about to James Earl Ray herself.
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