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4/7 c13 OhSilver
I love this story very much. I hope you update it soon!
2/20 c13 Guest
I love this. Naruto being called on his hypocritical bullshit is the absolute best. I've always hated how idiotic shounen protagonists were. In my mind, Gaara and Kakashi would have been much more interesting main characters. Maybe even Itachi. But those actual legends were so quickly dismissed because of an OP cheat (possessed by an utter narcissist).

Again, this is fantastic. I can't wait to see more!
1/5 c13 AuthorChan's Fox
whos the mother? Or is it that he was born in unatural means? aslo can't wait for the next chapter!
12/27/2020 c13 1xana2
Naruro. Can make clones. Without. The 9 tail fox and learn many technique's. Without. 9 tail fox power. But in Naruro when Naruro couldn't beat someone used him own power he always. In up used the 9 tail fox power. Naruro vs haku. tail fox power. Naruro vs sasuke tail fox power. Naruro vs gaara at the in of the fight. tail fox power. Naruro vs. Orochimaru tail fox power and Naruro vs pain even with the new power he have learn he still end up used the tail fox power.

What made me mad about the Naruro movie. How He did own son. Naruro used tail fox power to get pass chunin exam a power that not him own but. When boruto did the same thing. He in up been disqualified?

Yes I get it. Naruro Banned anyone used the new ninja tools in the chunin exam but to me Naruro was been a hypocrite. They are ninja they are support to use whatever to win a fight. They said this many time in Naruro.

I am happy to see someone call Naruro on him crap.

Good story. Keep up the good work.
12/27/2020 c13 SumeragiByakuren
Thanks for updating!
12/25/2020 c13 Austin
Ok chachingmel first thank you for the huge amount of chapter surprises including of this one as it has been a long while of you updating other stories that are non ladybug.

I did find this chapter interesting especially of Bookman's rant about Naruto.
Cause I gotta say I do like naruto the character just as much as anyone else. But as you get older you may start to dislike him just cause he is bout of fate can't control me when in fact it has from the very start...child of prophecy, incarnation of Ashura anyone, and also of certain actions when you look at it realistically.

The rant is good but slight critique due to me taking creative writing class is perhaps of not having like the opposing side chime in or claim in defense. As the rant is good but of Naruto
I can see him saying in defense for Sasuke how he did lose his family and was only seeking to avenge him.
Which can be understandable but it's a problem when Sasuke's problems is dragging everyone else in it when he tried to kill the kages to be the sole ruler or whatever from what I can remember.

And honestly...I can agree on stuff as I can potentially see Naruto unfortunately making the same mistakes as of Hiruzen and Hashirama for the former is of Orochimaru and Danzo while the latter is of the tailed beasts being given to the other villages to keep the balance.

In all honesty in a realistic sense naruto may not survive in the world of politics of say game of thrones eaely season tier without the kyuubi,chakra, fan favorite plot armor on his side.
As literally his own ninja way promises can be used against him if someone say similar to that of Petyr Baelish 'Littlefinger' or hell the chamberlain from dark crystal. Then naruto will be screwed.

So do continue with this as I'm curious of the political, moral, social etc ripples happening after the bookman's discharge.

also question is there going to be any new stories coming soon whether or not based off of new content in anime, and more.
Such as the Attack on titan final season currently airing and is at a few episodes followed by more soon or no?

Good luck on the next chapter and hope it comes soon.
Merry Christmas and have a happy new year.
12/25/2020 c13 Karazik
This was a really good update, i really liked the ending. Hope to see more someday soon
12/25/2020 c13 betris
why is this soooo gooodddddddd
11/11/2020 c12 Guest
I hate to be the one to say this, but please update soon!
3/6/2020 c12 rosie.com
This story is awesome and amazing! 3
2/26/2020 c12 Angel4EverLostInLife
I love it! Can’t wait to see what happens next!
2/14/2020 c12 xanamarion3
otsutsuki clen can use chakra. They the reason why chakra exist in the universe.
2/14/2020 c12 HuangBaiLian
2/13/2020 c12 Austin
Nice chapter, though now I'm scared of what is going to happen next because now alot of people is interested in the bookman clan now such as the scientist katasuke tono who will no doubt get caught by Bookman if he finds said scientist attempting to send his little spies whatsoever.
Not to mention of the Kages especially naruto question the bookman's on what has happened.
Plus it looks like the elder bookman knows that a storm is brewing, and he possibly knew it's probably smart to turn in Lavi's uniform and headband because it will show they are neutral to the villages affairs now, and not to mention with how paranoid the elder is.
I wouldn't put past him to be checking the uniform but the headbands as well if they have any tracking seals on them.
Hell even check lavi's whole body search him for any signs of seals whatsoever that has never been there before.

So yeah overall I'm excited yet scared on what is going to happen next.
Good luck on the next chapter, hope it comes soon.
Also happy valentine's day.
2/13/2020 c12 Guest
I’m crying tears of joy that you uploaded this fabulous story I love it so much it’s just awesome, please update bookman clan again soon
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