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9/14 c22 AnimeA55Kicker
Those two are going to be Misaka's worst enemy when trying to get hitched with Eren.
9/3 c33 SFAp
When are you gonna update?
9/3 c32 cfbdf
Hello just to say you made a mistake, you update the chapter 6 not 32
9/3 c32 thefoolswriter
you posted the wrong chapter this is chapter 6
8/18 c31 SFAp
Man I hope this updates soon
7/15 c31 blueassassin996
good backstory chapter, I hope in 3 years we see the riders make their grand entrance against the titans
7/15 c31 thefoolswriter
thanks for the chapter i kina enjoy talking
6/16 c30 blueassassin996
this has been quite good so far, I hope the the trio make it to wall rose soon otherwise it will be chapter 50 by the time we reach the main timeline of the story
6/15 c13 blueassassin996
I imagine the pink egg would go to mikasa.
5/3 c30 thefoolswriter
thanks for the chapter I do not mind the music really so you can go with it looks like the plot is thinking can't wait for more I thought of a new dragon type called a doomfire dragon anyway the thing I'm looking forward to most is everyone's reaction to the dragons i like a good mystery building up to I though but this is your story so you can do what ever
3/23 c29 thefoolswriter
thanks for the chapter nice to see that this is still being written
2/19 c28 thefoolswriter
thanks for the chapter wonder what are boy is doing and if you feel like burning out relax a bit thats what i do
12/21/2020 c26 thefoolswriter
thanks for the chapter wonder what the wall govement and scout core will think of dragons cant wait for the eggs to hatch
12/9/2020 c25 DidHeJustNut
I'm not sure if it's here but please don't forget about Eren's true power and always remember "It's who I've been ever since the time I was born.". You need to check your spelling more though because sometimes I don't know what you're trying to show me. Will read more after this has some groundbreaking plot reveal.
12/4/2020 c22 Guest
I bet one of these two dragons will die at some point in the story
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