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for Izzy's broken leg

2/8 c56 Cameron McIntyre
That was chapter 56
2/5 c55 Cameron McIntyre
You know that cubby is a human and stormy is a mermaid right
2/2 c52 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, did you read my last review?
2/2 c51 Darth Nominatis
On chapter 101 of the Jake and Hanazuki fanfic part 5 of the mega Colosseum silicon city cup, we see the group entering the arena with a hologram of Mechrilla appearing in saying (Mechrilla [welcome back to the mega Colosseum, today the pirate team will be fighting in the silicon city cup, will the the pirate team win the cup? let's find out]) and with the hologram turning off starts the tournament (seed 9: pirate team[Captain Jake, Hanazuki, Eddy and Ultron] vs grass trimmers[trim bots{6x}])(seed 8: pirate team vs police crew[police bots{3x} trim bots{8x}]) when they got to the seventh seed they saw Obsidian and Namegem enter the arena making Eddy say (Eddy [I'll be, it's good to see you again, Obsidian] Lord Obsidian [you too kid, but I'm afraid we have to cut this short] Eddy [yeah, it's no biggie, happens all the time]) and with that starts the battle (seed 7: pirate team vs robot duo[Lord Obsidian and Namegem]) when they took them down Obsidian got back up and put Namegem over his shoulder and said (Lord Obsidian [you may be able to take down what Mechrilla has on the final cup, see you soon]) and with Obsidian leaving the arena the pirate team continues the tournament (seed 6: pirate team vs drone attack[drones{4x} trim bots{6x}])(seed 5: pirate team vs robot enforcers[taser bots{3x} police bots{6x}]) when they got to the fourth seed they saw the light family[except mega man] enter the arena with Dr. Light saying (Dr. Light [it seems we are going to be making a tough time this] Eddy [no need for that, I'll step off so it would be even] Ultron [I'm guessing you're being nice?] Eddy [they're friends] Suna [thanks Eddy]) and with that starts the battle (seed 4: pirate team[Captain Jake, Hanazuki and Ultron] vs light family[Suna, Rush and Dr. Light]) when they took them down they saw Rush stand up and licked Suna's face making her laugh and got up saying (Suna [Rush, cut that out] Dr. Light [it seems Eddy has friends that have potential, you may be the ones to stop Mechrilla's plan, see you soon]) and with the light family leaving the arena the pirate team continues the tournament (seed 3: pirate team vs shield probes[probes{4x} police bots{10x} trim bots{6x}])(seed 2: pirate team vs elite force[sheriff bots{2x} taser bots{4x} police bots{8x}]) when they got to the final seed they saw Mega man enter the arena saying (Mega man [looks like we have come to a close] Eddy [with my friends, you can take out your super armor if you want]) when Mega man held his hand out and the robot key came off the lightsaber in Eddy's pocket and went into Mega man's hand making a bright glow and when it stopped the others saw mega man wearing the super armor with the mega buster on his left hand bigger then before with Ultron saying (Ultron [this a bad time to say Dedede has the same thing] Captain Jake [don't forget Spongebob] Hanazuki [even True]) just then the ocean, rainbow and dream keys came out and flew into Spongebob, True and Dedede's hands and went back into the darkness and with that starts the battle (seed 1: pirate team vs Mega man/super armor) when they took Mega man down he was about to turn back to normal until Eddy said (Eddy [your going to need that armor for the final cup, the others too]) Mega man only shook his head and left the arena with a hologram of Mechrilla appearing in the air only for us to see the actual Mechrilla in a hidden camera room saying (Mechrilla [wasn't that amazing, we just witnessed one of the key bearers using the super armor and the pirate team was able to win, see you all tomorrow in the bikini bottom cup, see ya]) when Mechrilla turn the hologram and microphone off he turned his chair around to Darkness with a surprise look saying (Darkness [the super armor, the very suits of armor that took me down that day] Mechrilla [yes, it appears that the keys are the only thing to activate my invention] Dr. Undergear [Mechrilla, this is the most smartest plan you've ever made, I'm so proud of you and your trying to eat a coconut]) no joke Mechrilla is really trying to eat a coconut with Darkness saying (Darkness [does this happen sometimes?] Dr. Undergear [on occasion he would bite down real hard...] Mechrilla [OW!] Dr. Undergear [and that happens, let me take a look at that tooth]) and with Undergear checking Mechrilla's tooth ends the chapter, another chapter ready
1/28 c49 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, did you read my review idea for the Jake and Hanazuki fanfic, it's on the good luck Izzy fanfic reviews
1/25 c48 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, did you read my last two reviews on the Jake and Hanazuki fanfic?
1/19 c47 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, did you read my last review, on this fanfic?
1/18 c45 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, it's best if you start on the Asterix movie on the top and work your way down, but skip the Asterix movie about Asterix meeting the sky lords, the way they talk is in a different language that it's hard to understand
1/18 c45 Cameron McIntyre
What do the three zeros mean
1/5 c42 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, how long until the next chapter of the Jake and the neverland pirates and star wars fanfic is ready?
1/5 c1 2merry-the-fairy
Oooh this is really good! I like your story
1/5 c41 11StrawberryorangeSoda
Um dud when they pump your stomach they aren’t feeding you anything. They’re EMPTYING the contents out of her stomach so realistically if she is suffering from anorexia they wouldn’t do this unless she sallowed poison or if she overdosed on pills. Are you confusing this for a FEEDING TUBE?
1/3 c40 Guest
And let me guess in the next chapter she’ll get fat and then she’ll have to lose weight and blah blah..
If you’re going to make her fat make her “Thicc” at least or something
1/2 c39 Darth Nominatis
Maybe for the next Jake and the Neverland pirates crossover fanfic, could it be with the cartoon Asterix, please, it's on
1/2 c1 DarkCatillas
Btw he shld really get punishment for the gun thing
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