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9/9 c5 nahuelbarboza03
please upload more chapters
8/9 c5 Frdb
This is completely out of character for Harry, and seems like that author just injecting his own wish fulfilment into the story. Random rape scenes and implications are a major turnoff in stories.
8/9 c5 That2-one3-girl4
Very interesting. Can't wait to see where the plot goes next. You should definitely continue this fic. Post the rest of it or at least update it. It's a pretty good story. But you haven't updated this fic in SO LONG. please post more soon!
7/19 c5 2lkdaswani
This is AMAZING! Please please update. I really want to see what happens next.
7/16 c3 randomreader
I'm not sure if you're trying to write crack, cuz twinkle twinkle little star? seriously?
7/13 c5 KEB
Thanks for writing!
7/13 c4 KEB
Another good chapter. Thanks for writing!
7/13 c5 Hilarity Hilary
Gods another human who values the human body so cheaply like an object, a thing to be use (ーー)
7/11 c5 Tearlessdeathy
So amazing.
7/10 c5 DipstickMadden
Please tell me you haven’t abandoned this story! It’s so good! Please write more!
7/3 c5 2Sukuru9188
You my dear author are quite amazing! I have greatly enjoyed reading both of your stories and my only complaint is that there isn’t more! I really do hope that you find the time to write more, I know that real life can be the biggest bitch, but I digress. I just want to truly thank you for creating such rich and vibrant stories that literally took me away, and in the words of someone I can’t quite remember right now both of your stories were unputdownable! Please for the love of all that is wonderful in this world find comfort and strength in my words. Stay safe in these uncertain times and I hope that you write so much more.
6/23 c5 Alterbliss
Just found this. Absolutely amazing! Please update soon!
6/23 c5 alec-potter
Interesting so far.
Keep writing.
6/23 c4 alec-potter
Would have been more fun if it was Harry who was banging Narcissa
6/3 c1 Kis0104
That right of first night nearly ruined this story for me but still, I will see where it goes
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