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for Recovery

3/28/2020 c1 Claudia
Poor Crowley suffering from PTSD... Good to have an angel by your side who knows you inside out and knows how to give relief.
Wonderful story, thank you!
11/21/2019 c1 17RadcliffePotter
Poor bb Crowley. He doesn't always have to do everything by himself.
10/30/2019 c1 tessseagull
This was PERFECT! Thank you so so much! I loved everything about this! The only thing I didn't enjoy about reading it was finishing it XD (Though the ending was perfect too.)
I laughed at Azi describing the road work as "infernal", I see what you did there :P And his excuse was a good one, road work is the worst. He's actually pretty good at thinking on his feet and doesn't get enough credit for it lol.
I love the idea of them watching a film together! It would be really funny to see their different reactions to a horror movie. And Neil Gaiman said Crowley would like The Good Place, which wouldn't have started airing at the time of this story but I'd love to imagine they watch it together post-Not-Apocalypse.
Bless Crowley, even though he's having such a bad time he's still worried about putting Aziraphale in danger. And Azi! Such a good friend. He just did and said all the right things. And lol yeah it's totally a slumber party (or sleepover as we call it). Not having wings (obviously), I don't know how grooming them would feel but I imagine it's like someone playing with your hair (both made of keratin) which is really relaxing. And Crowley falls asleep with Azi as a human (or rather angel) pillow and nightlight 3
Anyway thanks again! This fic was like the equivalent of sitting by the fire reading with hot chocolate :D
10/30/2019 c1 206Aini NuFire
Good Aziraphale for being so observant and knowing what Crowley needed. He's a good bean.

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