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4/20 c1 1Nephthys13
3/6 c1 Guest
I live Karma stories. Thank you so much
2/14 c1 Guest
Love the story- could of used more salt but over all very delicious
2/6 c1 Claire
...if Mrs. Cheng was going to storm over to the school to throw hands with Mr. Damocles, Adrien wanted to be there.
I love this book
1/10 c1 SapphireKiddTaeyeon
well done, wish this was canon
11/29/2020 c1 226storyteller362
This is amazing and wonderfully written! This story stuck out as one of my favorite Lila Rossi is taken down fics. I only wish we got to see everyone elses point of view.
11/8/2020 c1 Stranger
This was such a nice conclusion. You really went in with Marinette putting the effort in to clearing her name and that made the layoff so much better. 3
9/18/2020 c1 XxSlytherinDemigodxX
At the beginning, what was Adrien's mission to get a cookie or tell Sabine about this?
8/23/2020 c1 LavaLilly
I don't know whether to hate or Love that you make one shots, At this point I'm just gonna read all your stories cause your SUCH A GREAT WRITER and your stories are UTTERLY satisfying to read. With some bonuses of the real world aspect.
8/21/2020 c1 BazilFay
Love it!
8/9/2020 c1 8Sunny Freedom
I absolutely love your One-Shot! I've read it the second time directly after reading it the first time.
Lila had it coming! I love it when Marinette is in that Ladybug mode!
Marinette's determination,motivation and righting the wrong is weirdly enough contagious cause I'm full of energy and I'm itching to do anything! I'm sure if it wasn't vacation I'd contribute something to the lessons instead of sitting there and staring holes in the air! Maybe I start learning a new language ;)
8/9/2020 c1 3KieraRaelyn
I loved this. And your other Lila takedown stories. Because I hate that bitch. So. Much. She's MLB's Umbridge. No redeeming qualities. It's been soothing to read what SHOULD have happened.
8/9/2020 c1 CopyrightKooky
Such satisfaction! I wish you would've made this a two-shot though. Add something of an epilogue for them.
7/15/2020 c1 queerymiracle
Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I've read a LOT of Lila take-down fics, but this is by far my favourite. I just love these stories when Miss Bustier and the other school get exactly what they deserve, too.
7/10/2020 c1 33foolofatook001
There's something so satisfying about watching people be smart but also get justified, all in one fell swoop. Detective Marinette was really fun to read about, and all the adults getting called out on their behavior as well as Lila was something that was long overdue. If only this could really happen in the show...
Keep up the good work! I always love your writing.
- foolofatook :)
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