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9/4 c10 Guest
Thanks for writing.
I thought I was the only one who still loves Narla. They were two people who’d experienced betrayal and found love with each other when they needed it most. Their love stemmed from a truly strong friendship and ultimately I feel Carla was happiest with Nick because he was a positive influence in her life whereas so often Peter wasn’t.
Don’t get me wrong, Peter and Carla were great in the beginning, but the writers ended up ruining them. Their relationship was destructive and toxic and I always got the sense that Carla loved Peter more than he loved her. He treated her terribly at times too. I’ll never forget the speech he made about her looking wrong in his flat and in his life. I don’t care if he was drunk, it was an unbelievably cruel thing to say.
But the point of no return for them as a couple was Peter’s affair with Tina. There should have been no coming back from that, in my opinion. Carla had outgrown him by this point anyway so putting them back together would be a step backwards in terms of her character development. When Carla finallly got together with Nick, it was such a breath of fresh air becuase finally she'd found someone who truly loved her and treated her the way she desserved to be treated, and it was so nice to see.
Carla and Peter are back together now and I have to say I’m very disappointed by them so far. I expected fireworks, loads of sexual chemistry and passion, and so far we’ve had nothing of the sort. They act like a boring old couple and all they do is stand around doing nothing. Surely I can’t be the only one disappointed Carter’s reunion and the way they’ve been handled since getting back together?
I'm sorry, but I think the show missed a trick not reuniting Narla. Although the show likes to pretend Narla never happened, I’ll never forget them.
8/27 c10 Kirsty
Wow! What an amazing update, so glad someone is still writing Carla and Nick, I love these two! Can’t wait for more, your writing is amazing, keep up the good work.
8/12 c10 CarlaConnor Lover
Aww this was so sweet and I love how Nick surprised Carla with a surprise visit from her siblings can’t wait to see what happens next xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
8/11 c10 25ImGonnaBuildCastles
This is really cute
8/11 c9 Guest
Love this...hope you’ll update soon
8/10 c9 CarlaConnor Lover
I hope that you add your other chapters to this as this entire story is amazing and I’m so glad that Carla and Nick are having a baby and I can’t wait to see what happens next and if Gail will apologise xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
8/10 c9 ImGonnaBuildCastles
Ahh I’m so glad you updated ! I’m not even surprised at Gail and can’t wait to see whats gonna happen next!
8/5 c8 ImGonnaBuildCastles
Oh I LOVE this
12/4/2019 c8 Guest
As much as I love Carla and Peter together I adored her relationship with nick so it’s really nice to have a fic with them two together happy AND with a baby can’t wait for more x
11/11/2019 c8 Kirsty
Oh wow! I loved this chapter, the way Nick was and supportive towards Carla made my heart melt, I can’t wait for more, you writing is amazing.
11/10/2019 c8 Cln9
I’m a carter fan but I’m really enjoying Nick and Carla in this story. I was a huge fan when they were together in the show. Thank you for writing this.
11/8/2019 c7 Kirsty
Wow, a Narla baby fic! I love Narla and glad someone is writing about them, I love this story and I can’t wait for more, I’m so excited to see what the baby will be like, if it be a boy or girl, please update again soon, love this story.
11/4/2019 c6 Cln9
Lovely chapter!
11/4/2019 c2 Cln9
I love this story.
11/2/2019 c4 2Coronation Street Carla C
I hope the baby be ok
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