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2/27/2020 c28 crystalfaye
This is the one story I've been more hooked on! It made me ugly cry, laugh really hard and love these characters more and more. You're doing an amazing job. I'll really miss this story!
2/20/2020 c11 crystalfaye
"YOU'RE TEARING ME APART, LISA!" This actually made me cry...and horny...and cry again! Specially as someone living in Argentina and loving tango so much it drives me to tears! I can't wait to see how this ends!
1/27/2020 c28 11Luck Kazajian
This was a nice tie-up for the end. I enjoyed all the humor and the chance for the crew to just relax. And Spike and Faye's reprise on the dance floor, even if they didn't win - but it's not like they lost either, so I guess they got the best outcome they could out of it. For once ;) I'll be excited to see where you take the crew next!
1/24/2020 c28 Urazz
An excellent story. It doesn't surprise me that Faye ended up broke again by the end of this. I kind of figured all those costumes, the people hired to help them train, the minimal damage they did, and repairs to the Bebop would eat up the reward money. Even when her memory was gone, it definitely seemed like she had expensive tastes and didn't really know how to manage money that well when she got enough of it. It was hilarious that a bow tie for Ein was the thing that broke the bank for Faye. lol

As for Faye and Spike, I could see Spike falling in love with her eventually. Spike just needs some time to move on I think. This fic was pretty much a build block to that kind of eventual conclusion in my opinion.
1/21/2020 c27 Luck Kazajian
The compys did not disappoint :D I laughed so hard at those poor smugglers. They didn't know what they were in for. Well, for once, the Bebop actually wrapped up a bounty pretty cleanly - and got the reward for it! (Even if they do have to shell most of it out for the Bebop. Unless Faye takes it, of course.) All in the same suite XD That'll be chaos...this was a good wrap up for everybody, even Jim Lansing and Dr. Adenine.
And maybe Spike and Faye will remember their lessons in teamwork - maybe?
1/21/2020 c26 Luck Kazajian
I knew the hair comb was going to be important later! I was pretty caught off-guard by the Dunningham's really being our hackers. This was a nice action chapter! After the tenderness of the dance, this was a really high-stakes staccato chase and fight scene. And it just goes to show, you shouldn't get between Faye and her prize...
And oh yes, the compys to the rescue! I had a good laugh - Ed's right. Those smuggler's won't know what to expect.
1/21/2020 c25 Luck Kazajian
As is always the case, I love the dance scenes. This one was a little harder to picture (so I went and watched the video) but the emotion and compatibility between Spike and Faye was evident. It was a really tender moment between the two - but what's going on at the end? Who interfered with their dance?!
1/13/2020 c24 Luck Kazajian
I'm wondering if someone dropped something suspicious in the champagne and that's what made Phillip run out of the room so suddenly. I wouldn't put it past the Espositos to do something shady to eliminate some competition before the final round. I'm also very curious what Brookridge said to Adenine...
And the scene at the end with Jet and Ed was great ;) Poor Jet, chasing down wayward teammeates, dinos, and trying to translate Ed-speak. Even without Faye and Spike on board, he's got his hands full!
1/13/2020 c23 Luck Kazajian
Is it bad that I had "Everybody Wants to Be a Cat" from the Aristocats pop in my head at the beginning of this chapter at Dizzy's remarks? I liked the little snippets of Spike's past. It made life sound so easy in the music. Also, it'll be exciting to see Maria/Morella sing ;) I wanted to slap the Vanderleers - Spike showed some remarkable restraint here not to blow his cover and get angry with them.
But now we've got the good doctor in a tough spot - question is, is it true? Or is he telling a story to remove suspicion from himself? Being picked up on a transport because he's a doctor to go cure a plague would be a perfect excuse to get off the ship with Lansing's stolen prototype...
1/11/2020 c23 Sunny
Wow I am very excited to see what happens next! I’ve read quite a bit of your works and I really appreciate you’re tenacity to keep on writing! That line about spike being an alcoholic killed me. I cannot wait to see what you do next! (If you end up seein my review twice it’s because internet connection is bad if not then disregard this part)
1/11/2020 c23 Sunny
Wow this has been amazing so far! I really enjoy your works and your tenacity to keep on writing! And that line where he said spike was an alcoholic killed me. I am very excited to see what you do next!
1/9/2020 c22 Luck Kazajian
I always enjoy the dance scene chapters. It's neat to see how Spike and Faye turn each dance into their own and this one was no different. (I even went and looked up some videos of the paso doble to set the mood). I also enjoyed Spike and Faye's banter at then end - and Spike's decision that maybe with a cool enough cape, he could stand up to a bull ;D
1/9/2020 c21 Luck Kazajian
I have to wonder now if there are cases of this strange flu going around the ship? Let's hope not! I'm also thinking Faye should not have picked up that hair comb. It'd be a stretch for someone to plant it in the bathroom and just hope Faye picked it up, but I'm almost thinking it's a spying device of some sort...Things are heating up, in both the bounty hunt and the dance competition.
1/9/2020 c20 Luck Kazajian
Spike never can get away from his past, can he? I feel like Gunter Kelly may be some trouble later on for our pair - there's got to be a reason he's on this cruise and I feel like it might be more than dancing. Good think Spike had enough to hold over Gunter's head. And that mysterious message at the end...what is the chicken soup? And why should they wait for biscuits?
1/1/2020 c19 Luck Kazajian
I. Am. Floored. That performance was amazing! I could picture it clearly and Spoke can sing?! I don't know that I expected that, but it makes sense in your canon, considering his background. Absolutely loved the fast paced gangster vibe to this chapter. But now...who's busted Spike identity? Is this the hacker?
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