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12/22/2022 c8 Jeinesz06
I'm not going to lie, I was tense the whole time waiting for the moment when Luke would come on stage. hahahaha but his performance was so adorable and embarrassing :3
12/22/2022 c5 Jeinesz06
Jjajajajaja This was so fun to read XD jeje
9/17/2020 c10 43Temple Cloud
This story reminds me a bit of a young woman in the Penric and Desdemona stories (part of the Chalion series by Lois McMaster Bujold) whose best friend is her secretary/tutor/bodyguard - a tough, deadly assassin whom she adopted when she was a little girl and he was injured and on the run from a major disaster and she found him sheltering in her treehouse. One of their favourite activities is braiding each other's hair - another is him teaching her to brew potions, including poisons.

But Darth Vader's position as a single parent also reminds me of another Bujold character, Sergeant Bothari in the Vorkosigan series, trying to avoid his daughter Elena's questions about why she doesn't have a mother. She reflects that when she was a small child, 'He used to tell me long stories about her. Well, long for him, anyway,' but that once she started noticing the inconsistencies in his explanations of how her mother died, he refused to talk about the subject at all. Partly this is because Bothari, who had himself grown up under the stigma of being an illegitimate child (and the child of a prostitute in an inner-city slum, at that) is determined that his daughter must never suffer the shame that he did. But when Elena's friend Miles resolves to help her find out the truth - perhaps her mother is even still alive, and he can organise a family reunion? - it ends in disaster. (This is a significant part of the plot of The Warrior's Apprentice, so if you don't want spoilers, start here - or if you want to follow the story from the beginning, with their parents' generation, I'd recommend reading the first two books, Shards Of Honor and Barrayar, first.)

I often wonder how Sergeant Bothari and Darth Vader would get on with each other. In many ways, they had a very similar trajectory - growing up in abject poverty, finding their niche by becoming warriors, only to come under the control of an evil master who used them to commit atrocities, finally rebelling against the evil master in order to protect people they cared about. In practice, if they actually met, I think it'd be a long time before they got to know each other well enough to find out how much they have in common (if they don't kill each other first), as they're neither of them comfortable with talking about personal stuff - they're hardly going to settle into a matey chat about their daughters' appalling taste in men.

Interestingly, Bujold had originally intended to give Bothari a straightforwardly heroic death saving Miles from the bad guys - like the deaths of Qui-Gonn in The Phantom Menace, Obi-Wan in A New Hope, and Anakin in Return of the Jedi. As it is, Bothari's death is as messed-up as most other things in his life - but none the less moving for that.
9/14/2020 c9 Temple Cloud
I hope this doesn't turn into, 'Oh, my stars! He's killed Kenny!' but on the whole, Darth Vader handles this surprisingly well. In this AU, he's never had a time when he is cut off from anyone he cares about, so he's always had to be able to switch between Sith mode and parent mode - otherwise he might have been tempted to say something like, 'You each have until the age of twenty to prove your suitability as my heir. The heir will be allowed to survive.'

I used to worry about this sort of thing a lot as a teenager - not because I was a twin, but because my younger siblings were. I had heard a lot, in school and at home, about the evolutionary pressures of population growth - my father's answer to any environmental problem was never, 'We need to stop eating meat,' or, 'We need to find a sustainable energy source,' or similar, but always, 'There are too many people,' so I couldn't understand why he didn't take it upon himself to ameliorate the problem by becoming a mass murderer like Darth Vader. But he did frequently say jokingly that one of my younger siblings was spare, and he hadn't yet decided which one. I was quite sure that neither of them was expendable - and therefore convinced myself that if I didn't have the competitive instinct necessary to murder them, then the 'spare' must be me, and I ought to commit suicide. I never actually did attempt this, but always felt guilty about still being alive.
9/14/2020 c6 Temple Cloud
Considering the galaxy-sized wreck that was Anakin's own love life, he isn't in a position to deal with his children reaching adolescence - but he ought at least to remember how counter-productive growing up in a culture that really did have a 'No dating. Ever.' rule was.

But 'Liliana Petri' - what a name! Presumably she's incredibly dishy?
9/14/2020 c1 Temple Cloud
The idea of Darth Vader having custody of his children from a young age (as opposed to stories where, as in the films, or some of your fanfics like Missing And Presumed Dead, he somehow gets the chance to have a relationship with his children later on and this is what motivates him to change - or other stories, like Second Chances or Just One Wish, where Anakin doesn't fall to the Dark Side, and he and Padme can be around to be normal parents to their children) is actually quite horrifying. It's hard to imagine that childrens' innocence could survive having Darth Vader as a role model.

But, yes, Hallowe'en is meant to be scary, and I can see that going trick-or-treating with Darth Vader would be very, VERY successful in terrorising people into handing over lots of sweets. Yes, if he looked back on his own childhood (which I imagine he probably avoids doing), he could recall that this wasn't how he was brought up, but he wouldn't see this in terms of 'Shmi wouldn't have wanted me to go round intimidating people,' but, 'Slaves don't get to do anything fun like this, and neither do Jedi younglings, but at least I can make sure my children get to enjoy the good things in life that I missed out on.'

I'm not sure why any Earth festivals would exist in the Star Wars universe, but at least Darth Vader could more easily understand trick-or-treating than, say, Easter (the story of a hero who saved the universe from the Dark Side by - handing himself over to be tortured to death? And then came back to life? How does THAT make sense?). Never mind, he'll understand Easter one day.
8/31/2020 c1 SaoirseG
This melts my heart
8/31/2020 c10 Sfloresf
Oh My Goodness! This was such a SWEET story! Vader, not understanding the importance of a perfect hair to his daughter is righteous. Why would a Sith Lord know about hair styling?
But, the reason for Darth Vader... Sith Lord! Supreme Commander of the Imperial Forces! and Leia’s Daddy! The reason was so lovingly and precious... Because Leia’s mother was not around.
I got choked up... throughout the years Leia came to appreciate her father and the loving gesture her Daddy Vader did for her. I do have to say that I laughed when Vader thought if his Master Darth Sidious knew about him learning how to style hair... he would have a Heart Attack!
Thank You... you brighten up my day with your beautiful story. I hope you are well and keeping safe. ;D
8/30/2020 c10 DarthLeia19
a parent will do everything to make their child happy
8/30/2020 c10 318Courtesy Trefflin
The thought of Vader doing Leia’s hair is honestly cute. For someone who has never combed hair before, I’m not surprised that he found it a bit challenging. Lol. I can’t say I’m surprised about how Leia is acting, but she does need to understand (as she gets older) that her appearance doesn’t change who she is… even if it might affect how others perceive her. And mechanical hands were definitely not designed with hairstyling in mind. It must have been quite the challenge for Vader, but at least he finally succeeded! :P
8/30/2020 c10 3jeanosauryehet27
I wished my dad did that to my hair. I am jealous.
8/30/2020 c10 2LONE RANGER 97
This was a great chapter It was very wholesome
8/29/2020 c10 ELinkA
Cuteness overload
8/29/2020 c10 102Nefertari Queen
I'm not crying, you are crying... oh my feelings!
This was so cute, and wonderful. It was funny imagine Vader destroying all the manikin heads, it was sad realizing that Leia has no mother who she could share all the girly stuff while she grow older, and it was SO sweet when Vader decided he will learn about hair just for his little girl.
I love it!
8/29/2020 c10 Morriganna
Dad Vader is the best Vader.

I'd like a chapter where he kills Sidious and becomes Emperor. But the kids really love the upgrades in life!
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