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7/22/2020 c4 17DRAGONDAVE45
Cool! I KNEW Aizawa was still gonna try to erase Izuku's 'quirk'! This is gonna be an interesting conversation to say the very least! I invite you to check out my MHA/Firebreather crossover "My Hero Academia: Exchange Student-Teachers", in which at one point Aizawa tries his quirk on Duncan. He erases the regeneration quirk he got from his mother, but the powers he inherited from his father(the kaiju king Belloc) were uneffected, as they were 'normal' for his hybrid nature.

Has All Might chosen Mirio Togata as his successor?
7/20/2020 c4 PEJP BengtZone V2
Sorry about that 'rehash' part as you called it.
However, I sincerely doubt that any spoilers you have to share would be anymore shocking than what I present in the PM I sent you not too long ago.

Are you going to end up using the "Construct Materialization" process as a reason to give Izuku a Like Brother And Sister relationship with Momo Yaoyorozu?
Given how she is 70 days young than Izuku, so formally-/technically-speaking, they would be like big brother-and-little sister.
7/20/2020 c4 D3lph0xL0v3r



I Hope that Aizawa keeps the secret!
7/20/2020 c4 8Emrys Akayuki
I mean... You say you're not gonna do canon, but bakugou was chosen for the softball because he scored first, and aizawa only had reason to erase izuku's quirk 'cause he thought it was too damaging to be worth anything.

With a quirk ('cause a lantern ring is basically that in this world. It's just another word for superpowers) he can use normally, he wouldn't try to erase it.

It could always come up later, but not then. Idk.

Other than those tiny details, this was a great chapter, looking forwards to more. I hope my review wasn't too harsh of flakey or anything, that was not at all my intent.
7/19/2020 c4 9Dragon Man 180
I would have liked to see how Izuku ranked in all the tests, it's kind of vague aside from a few hints. I get we see this test all the time, but it's a great way to show how different Izuku is from his canon self.
7/19/2020 c4 4Gamelover41592
excellent work can't wait to see Izuku explain this
7/9/2020 c3 PEJP BengtZone V2
Would it really hurt for you to give the Deconstruction Fic approach a try?
If this is essentially Hero Academia canon with GL Izuku instead of One-For-All Izuku, then you are clearly devoid of proper creativity.
4/5/2020 c3 Jp721
I’m really liking this story so far, can’t wait for more. I think Izumomo would be a good pairing in this story and you give a good example of why they would be good together. Also that was pretty cool that you made All Might out of Lantern energy
4/2/2020 c2 coduss
I cant help but point out that, at the end of the day theres not really any difference between "I have superpowers from genetics" and "i have superpowers from this super advanced magitech ring from an almost omniscient alien race"
3/21/2020 c2 Jose19
The Ring of the Green Lanterns are considered one if the most powerful weapons in the galaxy so becoming a Hero is quite easy by acquiring this power.
3/21/2020 c3 9Dragon Man 180
Izuku making All Might out of Lantern energy... pure awesome! I can't wait to see the questions he gets asked about that. I'm guessing that if he ended up in the Harry Potter universe his Patronus would be All Might and punch Dementors to death.
3/20/2020 c3 8Emrys Akayuki
Well I'm gonna follow, because I love the concept, but I still have that hang up.
3/20/2020 c2 Emrys Akayuki

3/20/2020 c1 Emrys Akayuki
Yeah! He doesn't need a quirk, hell just use his superpowers instead!... Hang on.

Seen it loads of times in these fics where there's a deli that goes "You don't need to have a quirk to be a hero!" But he has powers, like an iron Man suit, or cybernetics, or magic, or a fricken' Omnitrix. And it's just- Just so dumb.

Pleeeeeeaaaaaase don't go that route.
3/20/2020 c3 8WouldYouKidnapA
You're adding pairings? Dropped.
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