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11/4 c8 Armyj88
Good story as always hope you haven’t forgotten it would love to see more
9/16 c2 Aedwards179
He seriously relies too much on kuramas chakra
7/20 c8 LordPoseidon-san
Loving the story so far! Can't wait for more!
5/14 c3 MASK3D-B4TT4LION
And dont make gay 'joke' It's not funny and disgusting ! plus ino would not thinkin that ankoshit kurenaishit and others girl are hot ! don't make thought like she finds them attractives, she should just find naruto attractive ! You should say "strong" rather !
7/27/2021 c6 16Luciendar
You started earlier in the story that Minato made no records if the Hiraishin. Now you say there is a scroll.

Also, unless your Shizune is considerably stronger than in canon, she is no A-rank. She got demolished by Kabuto.

Lastly, Orochimaru escaped just a bit too easy. That could've been written better. I am curious as to why you've rearranged it though. Also, I'm not really a fan of the way you've written Tsunade.
7/26/2021 c1 Luciendar
This had the potential to be a good story. Unfortunately, the way you write characters ruins it. I don't mean any offense, but your characters have no personality. Naruto's, eight-year-old, dialogue is every bit as developed as Hiruzen's. Your character reactions are over the top, and the all powerful council bit is overdone. None of those three women belong to a clan, the fact that anyone could overrule the Hokage punishing then is ridiculous.

Like I said, I like the concept. You just went over the top and didn't think some parts through.
7/20/2021 c5 MASK3D-B4TT4LION
Weird story
1/24/2021 c8 Borello
great work. i hope to read more chapter.
12/31/2020 c8 demon87
very super
11/7/2020 c8 barut12717
please update this
10/8/2020 c8 Prometheus-777
Yay~! Finally Naruto and Ino are official. Hell, it's about time. And it seems like shit is about to hit the proverbial fan. But at least Naruto now has the Guardian Lions by his side so to speak.

And wouldn't it be interesting to see what would happen if Naruto freed Kurama entirely? Although Kurama refusing to be freed from her prison with the help of the Guardian Lions is clear signs if [Stockholm Syndrome] and conversely, Naruto is showing signs of [Lima Syndrome] Let's see what happens...

10/6/2020 c8 Spaded Ace18
This is a very interesting story I enjoy the way your taking it and hope to see you continue it. I'm also a beta reader if you need a spell checker or someone to bounce ideas off I'd be happy to help just PM me.
10/6/2020 c7 Prometheus-777
Heh, I still find it weird that Naruto, as a child ninja and in a village and world that trains child ninjas has such strange morals. He almost reminds me of Shirou EMIYA and his weird obsession of becoming a "hero of justice". I mean... Naruto and the other kids are basically child soldiers and government sanctioned serial killers trained in ninjutsu, assassination, interrogation, escaping, torture, fighting and killing. Hell, no one really bats an eye that much when one of the kids dies during training or some kind of tournament.

It's kinda like what Gara is capable of and now what your Naruto is capable of. So I don't know if it's [Fridge Logic] at this point, but how come a ruthless and merciless (psychopathic?) killer like Naruto would be against other kids like Imo drinking and say "its morally wrong"? I mean... It just seems so minor at this point after all the killing he's been doing since his first kill on this story. What's a little alcohol at this point on the list of things he's done? I hardly believe kids drinking alcohol in this world is more morally wrong and criminal unlike kids having killed tins of people before and are still gonna do so. Isn't it sorta hypocritical of him to do so?

Anyways, I digress. I was also wondering what the point of having Kurama as female is if in THIS very chapter, Naruto confesses to never having any romantic feeling for "her". If this has always been true then wouldn't it have been better to keep Kurama as male or just an IT? Nothing pivotal in their close-ish relationship has happened that Kurama warrants Kurama being female. I mean, unless he ACTUALLY has romantic feelings for Kurama but he's not gonna show them yet? Maybe this is just me projecting...

Also, maybe it would be interesting to explore what losing Into would do to Naruto. Nothing like the good old "you don't know what you have/are missing until you lose it/them" to force Naruto and Into finally confess to each other their feelings after a life or death scenario right? I am pretty sure the whole village knows about their crush by now.

Furthermore, when you said someone did things to Assume and that's why he's broken... Does this mean someone raped or molested him in prison bit the powers that be covered it up and overlooked it because now all ninjas suddenly hate him and by extension Sakura?

And speaking of Sakura, I think Naruto ought to adopt the whole "keep your friends close and you enemies even closer" philosophy with her like he's done with Tayuya. Who knows what she's getting up to off-screen as it were. Best to keep an eye on her, or has she been forgotten now that her part is over? I am sure she must be super pissed that her loyalty to Assume led to her powers being sealed of as well as being kicked out of the academy. Surely she must have a contingency plan right? Several months have passed and still no word about her status in the aftermath of her punishment. Did someone also do "it" to her like they did with Sasuke while incarcerated?

And finally, O find it weird that Naruto can now live in a house with 5 beautiful ladies and nothing happened of it. Not even with Into while there. Or even Tayuya as a thanks for saving her and letting her have a deal where she gets amnesty. I mean sure, it's mostly gonna be [Naruto/Ino] but surely it wouldn't be impossible for Naruto or some girl to want each other due to some attraction or some certain circumstances that may lead to Naruto being temporarily in another relationship with a different girl and leaving In jealous, right?

10/6/2020 c6 Prometheus-777
It's interesting that Tayuya has replaced Sakura so easily. She's even been pardoned for major crimes and yet Sakura has been expelled and had her powers sealed for even less. So then I can't help but wonder, does replacing Sakura with Tayuya mean other characters will be replaced as well? Also, my first thought about her replacing Sakura was that Naruto has a thing for her. Of course he reassured Into that there's nothing between them and Tayuya even said so later... But... What if they're both lying to her? What's the point of pitying Tayuya if nothing comes of it other than the intel she already gave? Or is that she's pivotal for some hereunto unknown future event(s)? If so then things just got interesting.

7/27/2020 c1 Gkff
Why would you make kurama unti a female? Does it help the plot? Would the story be different if kurama was just an it?
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