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8/26/2021 c10 1alohareader
More Please ! Love your writing, thank you for sharing.
6/15/2021 c10 5Halle Alexis
I love your Clay and Emma stories! I would love to read more if you decide to write more.
12/14/2020 c9 8Pterophyllum
Thanks for the update. Great chapter!
12/13/2020 c9 5Crazyredhead2005
So happy Hanna and Emma made up. And Tylor got what was coming to him. But my favorite Jason and the guys reaction to Jason being call hot dad. Lol. I always like the sweet moments between Emma and Clay.
11/29/2020 c8 Crazyredhead2005
Loving this story. Can’t wait to read more.
11/23/2020 c8 8Pterophyllum
PLEASE, continue. This is so good story!
8/25/2020 c1 JeaneneP
Loved this story! So well written! I definitely want to see how this storyline progress! Please continue writingyou have an amazing talent!
8/25/2020 c8 5Morningdawnbreaks
I’m really enjoying this story. Clay and Emma work well as a couple. Emma knows what being in a relationship with a seal requires and is very supportive of Clay’s career. I liked Stella in the beginning but the way she broke up with Clay right before he deployed was awful. She couldn’t handle his life. Clay and Emma have the kind of relationship that will overcome any challenge. Thank you for your wonderful stories. This is how the show should turn out.
8/25/2020 c8 BgBoudreau
I absolutely love this story! The way you write the relationship between Emma and Clay is so sweet and heartwarming and I can't get enough of reading their story. I was thrilled to see an update today and cannot wait to read the next chapter. I am worried about Ash's sudden interest in their relationship and think he is up to no good! Please update soon.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful writing skills with us.
8/25/2020 c8 13ElenaDamonForever81
This was such a great chapter and definitely worth the wait. I loved the interactions between Emma/Clay, Emma/Jason, Jason/Clay, and Emma/Ash. This was so good. Can't wait to see more from you.
8/25/2020 c8 7Ireland76
I loved this chapter. It was great seeing Emma stand up to Ash even when he mentioned Stella. I hope you update soon and it would be great if Emma had another encounter with Ash, and stand up to him once again.
8/24/2020 c8 7lauren2381
I squealed when I saw that this was posted, you're right it did turn into a monster of a chapter but I enjoyed each and every word that was written!
My favorite art of the chapter wasn't a particular moment, but rather the dynamic that you've built between Emma and Clay and how they want their relationship to develop. They lean on each other, they support each other, they tease each other, they love each other and that love isn't always kisses and smiles. Sometimes it's doing things that they don't always want to do because they know it would make the other person happy.
I can't say enough how much I loved this chapter, it was brilliant.
8/23/2020 c8 4Disnerd71
Wow! Loved your interpretation of Ash & Clay’s relationship. I also love how playful Emma & Clay are. They are a great team!
7/22/2020 c7 5Halle Alexis
This is so good! I don't know if you're planning for more chapters here, but I would really love to read more!
6/2/2020 c7 Guest
Still loving this story! Can't wait to see what happens next! I hope you update soon.
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