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for From a Puppet to a Person

1/16 c1 RanjiNuri
Thank You! I missed Eugeo and little Alice along with the other deceased characters. Thank you for your extra scene because, without it, I felt like my heart stops beating with the heart-wrenching parting of Alice Zuberg and Knight Alice. You have a lot of talent for writing novels and books, continue with your passion, I hope to read more works done by you. Again, it was a tearful yet satisfy journey with you, thank you.
12/29/2019 c1 2quarterette
Thanks for filling the void that I strongly felt when reading the LN... I felt like there was a lot of possible routes that a meeting between the two Alices could have taken and this one provides a lovely picture of how the two come to terms with each other. Zuberg's decision to go is heartbreakingly bittersweet (can't leave Eugeo on his own) and the bit asking S30 to go back to Rulid in her stead is just ;-;. I think you did a great job capturing how both of the girls are emotionally strong too, this was an enjoyable read! Thanks for sharing!
11/2/2019 c1 ANONIMO JR
I loved every second of this. Thank you so much for writing!

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