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5/8/2020 c18 Stregian
Perfectly written. Vader was intense. Luke had a bit of his 'careless' self to balance out his very real dread. Also, it was amusing to realize how very much like a young Anakin Luke was. He takes risks. Trouble is drawn to him. And he doesn't back down. Like father, like son. Looking forward to Vader arriving and teaching every person and creature on the planet that you don't touch his offspring.
5/8/2020 c18 1Mahria
Yay! Can't wait for the family reunion.
5/8/2020 c18 Truthisoutindeed
Dude! I'm totally digging this story. I'm halfway tempted to stop reading while it's incomplete though cause I have the worst highs and lows when I realize the end of the chapter is all there is and I can't get the satisfaction of an actual conclusion. Your cliffhangers are torture, which I'm sure you're well aware haha.
I did enjoy the family feels, my favorite line was Vader declaring that he is not sentimental, ha! Everything proves otherwise. Anyways, keep up the fantastic work and I eagerly await the next update, even if I'm just torturing myself. Guess I'm more of a masochist than I thought. Keep well, ta!
5/8/2020 c18 16DrowsyBadger
I am so proud of Vader for learnign his "Dad moves", I'd give him a new star fighter. Since we know Vader probably doesn't do hugs. At least not yet
5/7/2020 c18 4DaDragon562
I quite enjoyed this chapter seeing vulnerable Vader
5/7/2020 c18 IntelEwok
I loved it, great chapter! I missed Leia a bit
5/7/2020 c18 92MJ Mink
All right, I just KNOW Vader will find him in time to save him, but I’m still scared and want to scream, Just Get There, Darth!’re really good at writing tension and terror.
5/7/2020 c18 SpaghettBoy
Bonding! Yay.
5/4/2020 c17 Guest
Happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you! Can’t wait for the next update!
5/2/2020 c17 3JediFalcon
Leia has no trouble speaking her mind to Vader does she? I can't wait for more.
4/28/2020 c17 3jeanosauryehet27
Leia I love youuuuu
4/24/2020 c17 Guest
Ajsjddhhssudjs GO! LEIA!
4/24/2020 c16 30Harry.J.Potter0
Hopefully Luke will get back on his feet. I always loved the calm and collected Luke in Episode 6
4/23/2020 c17 Sfloresf
Oh WOW! Poor Luke... he can’t seem to catch a break! He’s having to fight off the elements around him, vicious beast, pack of wild dogs and with substantial wounds... DAMM! Yet, he’s still trying to flee from Vader... Although he’s considering Vader. The interaction between Leia and Vader was like a pivotal moment. Clearly Vader is struggling with the light side of the Force.. the part that he thought to be gone. Leia, stunned the Sith Lord with bits of his past that cut through him more than a lightsaber. Leia telling Vader how much Luke wanted a father... a father to love and be loved.. that was powerful. Leia has so much of Padme ... Fearless and Eloquent. She of course has her father’s impulsiveness as well ( when she asked Vader if she could see Han.. I laughed! Mostly because of Vader’s reaction.). Vader felt a bit defeated... because he knows that Leia is right. Leia got to see a small glimpse of Anakin... a small victory for Leia. I truly like how you’re bringing Vader’s flaws for your readers to determine and explore. ITS FANTASTIC! Thank you for the update... I hope you realized how much I appreciate your dedication to readers like me. You’re making this dreadful quarantine much more tolerable. Please Stay Safe. ️
4/22/2020 c16 Sfloresf
This chapter is: Desperation! Both Luke and Vader are in deep Despair. Luke trying so hard to not get found by Vader. Trying hard not to become his father... but failing. Vader in his haste trying to find Luke and fighting against the light that dwells within him as Anakin. I had to smirk when Leia was asking Vader about the Force. Annoying Vader to no end... but yet he answered her questions. Little did Leia know that the main reason for Vader bringing her along was to prevent her to go to the “Smuggler”. It is apparent that Vader still cannot discuss Padme with anyone... including his children. Even though they DO have a right to know about their mother (Which is something the movies failed to do!). The way you brought out Vader’s heartbreak and pain was brilliant. Obiwan Force Ghost only deepen Vader’s sorrow.. because he was reminded how much Padme wanted him to turn away from the Dark Side. That she would never have followed him down the path he chose. You are the Queen of bringing Angst... but I Love you nonetheless! Thanks so much for the update. I really appreciate your dedication to readers like me. Please Stay Safe! ;)
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