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for Missing and Presumed Dead

10/22/2020 c29 16DrowsyBadger
10/21/2020 c29 Stregian chocolate is the gateway drink to coffee. And coffee is one with the dark side!
10/21/2020 c29 Anne LM
Yes, you can write fluff! It’s glorious fluff!

Loved the bribery with Han...
10/21/2020 c29 Nono
Great chapter
10/21/2020 c29 65Kondoru
Oh, DV...

Being a good dad is so awkward...
10/21/2020 c29 2LONE RANGER 97
oh man the hype is real and the cliffhanger is all but painful
10/21/2020 c29 44Temple Cloud
Some parents would have resorted to emotional blackmail ('You think you've got problems? I haven't been able to eat normal food AT ALL for over twenty years! So stop fussing and finish your lunch if you don't want to end up like me!') but I can't really imagine Darth Vader being willing to use his own weakness as a weapon. Anyway, bribery is so much more effective. When I was working in a nursing home, a lot of the nutritional supplements we gave underweight patients were chocolate flavoured, not just because it's a high-calorie food and a taste that most people like, but also because it's a strong enough flavour to conceal synthesised vitamins.

I hadn't realised until now (doing a bit of research on a fan wiki) that the existence of chocolate in the Star Wars universe was canonical. To me, this looks like more evidence that Star Wars is actually taking place in our universe (or Earth is in the Star Wars universe, if you prefer to look at it that way).
10/20/2020 c29 7reza0807
Ah, the fluff! My poor heart!
10/20/2020 c29 23spacecadet777
More fluff! More fluff! I love fluffy goodness! And maybe find a way to get Darth Moody to let Solo in a little bit? Loving what I've read so far
10/14/2020 c28 44Temple Cloud
Talking of 'not knowing what he's created' - Vader is going to have to have the 'I am your father,' conversation with Threepio, as well as with Luke and Leia ('Well, you see, I built you when I was nine years old and didn't realise how much of a responsibility creating a sentient being was, but anyway, your memory got wiped, and you really wouldn't want to remember stuff like the time you got beheaded and your head stuck on someone else's body...'). Threepio is going to be really, really freaked out, and then indignant with Artoo when he realises that Artoo had known all along and didn't tell him.

Luke, like Rincewind in the Discworld books, needs an incredible amount of good luck to survive his incredible amount of bad luck.
10/13/2020 c28 16DrowsyBadger
Oh shit. Vader IS outnumbered. That's gonna be fun.
10/13/2020 c28 Anne LM
No way Vader can cope with this lot! You really are lost already, Darth lol.

Threepio advising Han to stop asking questions made me laugh out loud!
10/13/2020 c28 Sfloresf
This is my favorite chapter. I feel that the relationship between Luke and Leia comes out very clear in this chapter. They understand and accept that they come from remarkable people. That their parents (especially) their father thought that they were a “Blessing” before being born. Yes, their “Family” may not be typical but they ARE a family. I’m loving this story. Thanks for the update. Hope you are doing well and keeping safe. :D
10/5/2020 c27 LukeTendo
Another Dad-Vader fanfic, and what a well-written one. I will be watching its career with great interest!
9/29/2020 c27 Karlicm
Im crying for real this was so beautiful thank you for the update
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