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11/2/2019 c1 sparklehannah
Wow. I love your twist. Great work.
11/2/2019 c1 Guest
Interesting start and I'm curious to see where it goes with this change in the events, but one problem really sticks out at me:
What's taken Cat Noir so long to show up in this version of events if he took off to transform right after Marinette did instead of still being busy eating ice cream with Kagami while Ladybug first started trying to fight Loveater? In the actual episode Marinette noticed the akuma before they did since she had already separated from them and that's why Cat Noir hadn't been there. Adrien didn't even know there was an akuma until after Ladybug snatched Kagami away from him.
11/3/2019 c1 calerose
This is so intriguing. I love the idea that Mari didn't forget about Chloe and that she could be a good ally for LB and CN against her parents.

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