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for Brightest Doom

16h c27 Guest
love it
10/3 c27 Guest
I love how bane is fucking with Batman lol

Klarion is probably laughing his ass off lol

While savage is having a conniption on how fast things changed in the world beyond his predictions XD

Would be awesome if doom stole teth adoms Shazam magic for himself

Maybe tinker a bit with it to steal the powers of the gods so he won’t be dependent on them for a supply of power

Maybe have the mother box bond his bones and the bones of his women with nth metal

He really needs to upgrade his women’s physiques too so they won’t die to the enemies he’s making

So they won’t be magic whammied by anything short of reality warping god like batmite

Maybe he could yoink the power ring of greed and slowly brainwash the entity that’s also the battery to only obey him and be absorbed by him

He could be like an orange shadow monarch lol
10/3 c27 Anonatwork
I...I think I love you. F*** Batman! Thank you for not doing Superman dirty, lol.
10/3 c27 Guest
Going to have to echo other people for opinions on this chapter. Doom being DOOM in DC has been fun, Luthor being sued for child support is amusing and also serves as a way to move the villains and heroes around to his strings and holds enough logic to make sense. Batman being broken up with? Both in regards to Superman and Bane? That's a step over into crack territory and serves absolutely no purpose or logic except to fuel the Batman bashing that has been going on (though before it was enough to not cross the line).

Pointless would be the one word I'd sum it up as. Especially disappointing when this is my favourite story of yours and it only occasionally gets updated, feels like a waste.
10/3 c27 ash
Love it! Keep writing.
10/3 c27 Guest
Female dominant sex that actually has the women getting rimmed instead of the man on this site? It's fucking miraculous.
10/2 c27 ReadingBeta
U make it looks as if this reality of Batman is nowhere near the threat level of the Dark Knight. N I thought u would be also fucking with Superman since he's much easier to kill off than Batman? Lois Lane seems like a good bitch. You're lucky that Batman hasn't crossed the line yet. Cause once he does, Doom will wish he was dead. So r we going to be fucking any more females? Update soon.
10/2 c27 Guest
He can mess with Batman some more by paying each of his rogues to leave Gotham for a year.
He could use his powers to pretend to be Bruce Wayne while Batman is on a mission and pretend to be Batman when Bruce Wayne is in public. Steal his identity temporarily each time.
Imagine Doom making big promises as Bruce to the public.
18h c27 Siriusly Grim
Well this story is a wonderful comedy. I hope to see more soon!
10/3 c27 wellingtonlucas282
Obrigado pelo capítulo incrível Autor-San!
10/3 c27 Kalstorm99
10/3 c27 AzrelRazgriz
Thank you for the new chapter, i'm already eager for the next one. Also i completly agree with you, FUCK BATMAN!
10/3 c27 1Ace of Hate
So when will Diana get her turn on the Doomdick?
10/3 c27 1Peterman00
As always, fuck batman! Also, what happened with your harry potter fanfiction? It was shaping up to be awesome, I really miss the different take on that whole universe.
10/3 c27 myafroatemydog
Great chapter I always hate how the comic community thinks Batman could wash everyone.
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