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2h c20 Bountyhunter1977
Yea keeping there secret identity with that much tech is just silly. and in some cases there Identity is out before they start like on the Supergirl TV show. she had no chance the DEO not knowing.

Yea something needs to be done about Batman. Him owning so much. rights to identity's , land, building and what not with out no one knowing is wrong. Doom Probably could somehow hijack all that to his name and make it legal.
8/1 c20 ReadingBeta
Isn't it the government's job to keep such secrets hidden from the public? We've seen how a system that supports superheroes works from Invicible. Also, that depends on the current timeline of the DCverse like is it the 2020s n how much alien tech they havested n deceiphed. Course that last part is more on Lex Corp, Wayne Tech n STAR labs. Also, Cadmus is who does the DNA clean up which puts them in the more highly notified position n we know how that government factor operates. Not to mention Checkmate with their infomation controling. Usually it those who rather see their own picture than the big picture that take advantage of these secrets which leds to a world with no Justice League to be fucked by having other agendas in the works or it just to fuck things up, yeah. Of course most people would not find the time to make plans with such secrets in hand cause there no point if it doesn't stop them from getting in their way. So is Doom really trying to be the best villain here, or the world's first caretaker who collects DC women as cocksleeves? Update soon.
8/1 c20 Rob
Superman in an abusive relationship. WOW

Keep writing. Love this story
7/31 c20 Guest
I love this so damn much ahahhaahahahahh. Battered wife indeed you have my well wishes clark going to therapy is not a weakness show the world that no matter your strength going to therapy is not a bad thing
7/31 c20 Guest
Stagnation is also chaos
8/1 c20 Primalparadox8
Rotfl love dude please keep up the good work :)
8/1 c20 Lord Mortensen
Awesome! please update it soon!
7/31 c20 Dayside
fucking fuck I love this story so much please updaaate.
7/31 c20 NazgulBelserion
I'm dead lmao
7/31 c20 1ReflectionsOfReality
Can't we just blame a cadre of 5th dimensional imps blocking the connections to identity for entertainment purposes? I can just imagine Kent's reaction when Myxy mentioned Clark using Myxy's glasses for the last couple of decades... but yeah your take on this is far more realistic.
7/31 c20 superpierce
great chapter also In my opinion I think the reason so many villians don't try to find out most superheroes secret Identities is because one their beef is with the hero not the civilian (the image so to speak). two most villains make sure not to escalate unless their prepared.
7/31 c20 cHaZzi123
Hilarious! I had a good laugh.

Thanks for the Chapter. :D
7/31 c20 Flaminfiend
Poor Superman must be confused as hell, Dooms playing with his head. Thanks for the chapter!
7/31 c20 Ciliaen
Fucking with Heroes, Priceless!
7/31 c20 2Arrowman
This... makes a disturbing amount of sense.
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