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9/5 c2 primalparadox
Love the novel but one thing both brings the quality down and would majorly improve the novel overall. The "Doom Speach" it makes your character appear to have a severe case of 8th grader syndrome, on the other hand if it was involuntarily it'd be hilarious, maybe make it a side effect of his transmigration and have a few people poke fun at him for it occasionally and have him grumble about it in his head.
6/13 c2 Magicsteve
I get it probably had a reason but this guy just referred to himself as "this prince" three times... like it doesn't make him sound sophisticated it makes him sound like a fith grader with a God complex, I'm enjoying the story but stuff like that really sounds stupid from a character who's literally a genius
6/2 c30 Guest
Hey Big Tofu can you post discord again its says it expired
5/31 c30 Abbadon44
This story is great! I look forward to seeing more of your work. You could stand to include more reactions by the heroes and villains to Doom's changes to the world. I look forward to more actual fight scenes when he gets his plans set up.
5/29 c19 TheShami
I tried really hard to stick with this story, but all it is is smut and an ego wank
5/25 c30 jimmy.oz
Pretty good story so far even if i disagree with the brainwashing completely. keep up the good work. i wont lie though i do like what he is doing to batman lol. I do wonder though how he will act when he hears damian is his son but calling someone else father.
5/25 c29 jimmy.oz
Still wish he wouldn't be brainwashing people but can't expect doom to do anything else.
5/25 c24 jimmy.oz
I never really thought of it that way when it came to batman but i honestly don't really remember him ever actually doing anything for the city as bruce other than beating people up.
5/25 c21 jimmy.oz
Wonder when he will sick the irs on bruce. also i figured the shard would be worth more energy than that.
5/25 c18 jimmy.oz
It is funny but this actually made me feel really bad for a lot of the women in dc with superpowers like hers lol. no wonder some of them go the villain route.
5/25 c16 jimmy.oz
That is why you can't trust Bruce Wayne at all when it comes to things. could be the best hero ever and yet he would still be trying to find ways to stop you just in case you get in his way. if he really does find away to get the gene of a Kryptonian and learn magic he will be even more unstoppable. wonder if this also counts as a prank or not on him since his deal with the imp.
5/25 c15 jimmy.oz
It is actually kind of funny how he is beating them using laws like that. of course not sure it would work in the universe since they could just use them saving to pay off the debt or something but then that would change things as well and cause more issues. also where is Talia's sister in all this.
5/25 c14 jimmy.oz
Technically if you think about it he is doing good by stopping them from doing more evil if that is the case especially in that city over and over all the time. then again he might also use them for other things that could be considered evil.
5/25 c11 jimmy.oz
Would think the first thing he would do is to get rid of all the clones the demon made of himself and all. wonder all the justice league and batman will feel after finding out he killed ra's
5/25 c10 jimmy.oz
Too be honest not sure he would actually lose it like that just because i don't trust bruce to care enough lol. i hope catwoman wasn't brainwashed as well for that. already feel a little bad for talia since even if she deserved some punishment that is too much.
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