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1/6 c20 Martin-di-Arcov
poor Clark
the Kryptonian battered wife fully under the control of her abusive husband
1/5 c17 Martin-di-Arcov
it's clear powergirl ran away because she is a sub and could not be Harley's Dommy Mommy
the real Dom in the relationship is surprisingly Supergirl
1/5 c16 Martin-di-Arcov
the Kent's are just goddamn angels
no wonder the world's biggest boyscout is their son
1/5 c15 Martin-di-Arcov
that reminds me of that time the Joker said even he wasn't crazy enough to fuck with the IRS
1/5 c14 Martin-di-Arcov
Doom just pulled his Doompants* down pulled his Doomdick out of his Doomshorts and sticked it into Bruce's bat-cereal before pissing into it and leaving a note in sticky paper in the Bat-computer about how Burce was a little bitch
1/5 c13 Martin-di-Arcov
this was a DOOMtastic chapter
1/5 c11 Martin-di-Arcov
I like this Wonder woman
innocent to a fault
it would be funny if Doom kept up his "prank" and made it permanent
so when he goes to get the Powergirl Supergirl duo he takes the entire Kryptonian Kombo instead
that'd be fun
and kinky if he does a neat bit of mind manipulation or simple non magical corruption
maybe just make the transformation into Superwoman permanent and slowly seduce her?
that's be fun
though it'd take too long it can just be made in very small chunks spread along the story
and the ending as a small bit by itself
"Kryptonian Katches"
a shame this Batgirl is Jailbait
that would be a way to certainly drive Bruce completely mad
1/5 c10 Martin-di-Arcov
as you mentioned in your "Fastest man alive" fic
NTR is a disgusting fetish
but that Batman scene...
that does put a smile on my face
1/5 c15 noshadowone
if I was superman like I was inserted into him right now and was just threatened with legal action like this I would just okay, just don't call me the next time Darkseid comes calling they can figure it out on their own. It sucks how much he just rolls over in stories when he is basically the only reason earth is still there.
1/1 c25 ReadingBeta
Aren't Scandal n Cassandra the same person?
1/1 c25 Guest
There are advantages to being single and happy when your libido doesn't do your thinking anymore
1/3 c13 brandonmunoz499
Are the girls with him
1/2 c25 OmniIBIBUltraInstinctGodzilla
Doom used Bane's own speech to the Batman against Bane himself? Meta move, man.

70 percent of the world's drug trade halted. That certainly changes the balance of power for all.
1/2 c1 1Righello Di'Tutti
The fact the first thing he does when he wakes up is to mind control someone does not bode well
1/2 c25 2Arrowman
Great chapter. It is a great new Year present.
I can't wait for the reaction.
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