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10/2 c27 ReadingBeta
U make it looks as if this reality of Batman is nowhere near the threat level of the Dark Knight. N I thought u would be also fucking with Superman since he's much easier to kill off than Batman? Lois Lane seems like a good bitch. You're lucky that Batman hasn't crossed the line yet. Cause once he does, Doom will wish he was dead. So r we going to be fucking any more females? Update soon.
10/2 c27 Guest
He can mess with Batman some more by paying each of his rogues to leave Gotham for a year.
He could use his powers to pretend to be Bruce Wayne while Batman is on a mission and pretend to be Batman when Bruce Wayne is in public. Steal his identity temporarily each time.
Imagine Doom making big promises as Bruce to the public.
10/4 c27 Siriusly Grim
Well this story is a wonderful comedy. I hope to see more soon!
10/3 c27 wellingtonlucas282
Obrigado pelo capítulo incrível Autor-San!
10/3 c27 Kalstorm99
10/3 c27 AzrelRazgriz
Thank you for the new chapter, i'm already eager for the next one. Also i completly agree with you, FUCK BATMAN!
10/3 c27 1Ace of Hate
So when will Diana get her turn on the Doomdick?
10/3 c27 1peterodatilo
As always, fuck batman! Also, what happened with your harry potter fanfiction? It was shaping up to be awesome, I really miss the different take on that whole universe.
10/3 c27 myafroatemydog
Great chapter I always hate how the comic community thinks Batman could wash everyone.
10/3 c27 2Arrowman
Great and funny chapter as usual.
10/3 c27 Ptitkactus
What a fucking waste of time...
10/3 c27 frikkieboth
I feel that this chapter was just random work vomit that has no connection to the rest of the story.
10/2 c27 5Exiled Soul Nomad
Heh heh I got Harley Quinn Show vibes from the Bane conversation.
10/2 c27 12Sultan Asil Arslan-Hiatus
Huh… Bane broke up with Batman… I am not sure how to deal with that.
10/2 c27 Xaax
So we went from Fantasy Gigachad to Crack fic stuff, then back to Fantasy Gigachad.
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