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10/2 c27 Dayside
This was a bit too crack for my tastes. I'm pretty disappointed that we finally got a new chapter and it was.. whatever this was.
10/2 c27 marlastiano
good :)
10/2 c1 aoiishi
Lmao "the man makes the power, the power doesn't make the man" then immediately when waking up thinks about how he will become Dr. Doom and rule all eventually. Yeah I'm sure the power didn't affect him at all. You know, the guy that was running to class so he could have a milf teach him normal class material is the same as the guy who is commanding nurses naturally with his power and deciding to rule everyone.
9/30 c21 Wolfeborn
I have burst out laughing a lot over the course of the story and can’t wait to see where it continues to go, so I hope it keeps going for a while yet.
9/12 c26 Guest
That freaking hilarious
9/7 c21 AnthonyR89
as for Lois, eh. Erica Durance is hot.
9/7 c10 AnthonyR89
so, Wally West > Barry Allen. and Jay Garrick, for that matter. and John Stewart > Hal Jordan. hell, even Guy is better than Hal.
9/7 c9 AnthonyR89
bleh. Damian is the worst Robin.
9/7 c7 AnthonyR89
I noticed that you didn't mention Kord Industries as one of those hi tech companies. and didn't Steel have his own company, as well?
9/6 c6 AnthonyR89
so, it's obvious that the other villain that needs to die is supposed to be Lex, but there is also Rha's Al Ghul and Vandal Savage.

also, that's a big Meh on Deadshot. if you really want someone dead in DC, you hire Deathstroke.
9/6 c3 AnthonyR89
on another note, the league might go after him for killing the Joker, but no jury in the world would ever convict him.

and yeah, Batman doesn't act pre-emptively before someone is a villain.
9/6 c2 AnthonyR89
made me think of a scene from a dogbertcarrol story where Xander (from Buffy) is a part time bartender at this bar and has to be stopped from ramming an ice pick into scarecrows brain when he pulls a similar stunt.

this, after Xander has been fired from a number of other jobs, including for chasing after Killer Croc with a chainsaw at a Cajun restaurant and chasing after Solomon Grundy with a giant knitting needle and ball of yarn from a yarn barn. with Grundy filing a restraining order afterwards.

okay, you definitely read that story with the bit with Cheetah afterwards. and Ivy.
9/6 c1 AnthonyR89
. .. yeah, if I woke up in Gotham, my number one priority would be to get the hell out of there. maybe fuck off to Junp City. they rarely deal with heavyweight villains Metropolis does, or the fucking psychopaths that Gotham has.

my knowledge of DC is mostly from the DCAU, to be honest.
8/30 c20 Apedreitor
I can only say LOL damn, someone must bring a freeze gun for that burn
8/21 c1 2Dusken Willow
This has to be my favorite doom fic. well.. its the only doom fic I've read. but it's still a really enjoyable ride that had me laughing pretty hard. I'm looking forward to more.
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