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8/15 c20 Ltbutterfly287
Honestly my one problem with doom was his third person way of speaking and I still find it cringe in a oc copycat. Also a lot of what he says is way to robotic and awkward, and it really gives the vibe that you do that for no other reason then to make him seem super intelligent. If we compare raw intellect Hugh reed richards and tony stark we’re smarter then doom and Spider-Man was a fairly equal, none of them aside from doom spoke like a robot and even then you e magnified that aspect about him to greater heights.
8/15 c11 Ltbutterfly287
I just realized this but why not ask for Uru metal. It’s literally the metal gods use for weapons and armor and nothing has more magical conductivity and resistance.
8/15 c4 Ltbutterfly287
Inserting stupid theory’s is stupid. Jean grey wasn’t weak by any means a d her primary power wasn’t telepathy but telekinesis. That’s what made her omega level and that omega level was only achieved from the Phoenix force which also made her mind considerably less stable due to the inherently chaotic nature of the Phoenix.
8/15 c3 Ltbutterfly287
My one problem with your knockoff is that your thinking is backwards. You want to use nth metal for magic resistance while disregarding that used magic and science in tandem. Easiest way to gain magic resistance to to learn magic which isn’t as hard as one might think.
8/13 c26 dan.lew.upg
cant wait for more
7/31 c26 Guest
love it
7/31 c9 Johnmau
That's thucking disgusting. It's hot, but totally against the bro code and fair game hand shake. Bruce has my total support on this one, cause thucking with someone's mind till she's calling you her master and sending him naughty movies of the girls he fancies is a major NO-NO. Doom has no respect for the game, and is just another one of those evil arseholes. Doom is nothing but a commoner. a plebeian.
7/28 c16 TheBroble
7/24 c26 Guest

It’s been like forever lol
7/25 c3 T149Man
High quality start to this story
7/23 c26 ReadingBeta
U know Batman would get back on his game n make Doom feel fear for the first time right? This is the Batman we're talking about. People always believed the most powerful man on the planet is Superman. But the truly most powerful are those who hold everything in their hands. Knowledge is power. Bruce could've easily destroyed the world if he wanted. But the fact he didn't, even though he should, just proves how strong he is. If Doom wants to be the greatest villain here, he better not cross paths with Batman. It will never end well. So who's our next target? I polling for Wonder Woman, Starfire, Black Canary, Cheetah n Circe. Update soon.
7/23 c26 Guest
It was the vigilante problem all over. Often times, the police would go after vigilantes, as opposed to the actual criminals. It was basic logic. Vigilantes didn’t want to hurt the cops, they just wanted to stop the criminals, and they were usually solitary, or working in small groups. The cops could go after them with minimal fear of retaliation. The gang-members, however, would not only not hesitate to attack and kill police, but there were enough of them that they could actually fight the police. Thus, instead of upholding the law and going after the large numbers of criminals, the police protected them to keep the status quo and protect themselves, breaking their oath, and telling themselves that the vigilantes were also criminals, so they were technically doing the right thing.

That worked, right up until the vigilantes couldn’t be taken in easily, and then things occasionally balanced themselves out, but usually escalated. The police had gotten used to the criminals, so could ignore them, but the vigilante’s were new, and reminded them that they weren’t doing their jobs, so had to be removed

The objective of heroism is to reduce the total suffering in the world. Reductionist, I know, but ultimately it is the only reason one seeks to perform acts of heroism, in a general sense. This is why offering your life in exchange for others' is considered the ultimate form of heroism in many ways; by taking that suffering onto yourself and then dying, you destroy suffering for several people. Soldiers who throw themselves on grenades are considered the greatest of heroes, for they willingly throw away the joy in their future to save their friends.

Does this hold true when you force another to take that bullet? Or if there is only one person who will die? How about scale; ten for a hundred? Ninety-nine for a hundred? If half-but-one of the world threw themselves willingly to their death to save the other half-and-one, would that be in line with the ideal of heroism?

If you knew that ten people would die - were absolutely certain of it - unless you killed half, would you? With the assurance, the absolute certainty, that none would ever know? That those five survivors would go on to live happy, fruitful lives? Would you cut those throats?

As the specific case introduces complexities, the answer becomes more difficult. At what point do you become a machine; at what point does the cold calculus of life wash away the urge to reduce suffering in the world?

This is why heroism, in reality, never goes smoothly. Reality is made of specific cases, and for every grenade jumped on, there are ten cases of ten lives to cut short. Reality is constructed of complexities; therefore, simple ideals cannot survive.

One must compromise; take away from the beautiful ideal of heroism in order to best fit it to reality. Or one will suffer, and all too likely, break.

According to Beautia Sivana, in the early 20th century, Sivana was one of the most brilliant and promising of the young scientists of Europe. Idealistic and naive, he encountered endless rejection for his world-bettering inventions and mankind-improving schemes, from cynical politicians and crony industrialists who liked the world just the way it was. Finally penniless, outcast, and half mad, the widowed scientist gathered his two tiny children, boarded a rocketship of his own creation, and withdrew to the planet Venus. There amid the overwhelming dangers of the fierce jungle planet, he raised his children to young adulthood

“They have to look like they’re good, but that’s true of a lot of gangs. There’s a reason they mostly start as neighborhood protection groups, usually from other gangs, or just because Law Enforcement refuses to do their jobs,” “They can go bad, and usually do, but a lot of them do help out the people in their territory even after that point, and so the people cover for them, not just out of fear of retaliation, if they don’t.”

“While an unfortunate comparison, given some of their actions I have been made aware of, that is not inaccurate. It might be closer to say that the Protectorate are ultimately a governmental organization, and those tend to dislike non-governmental bodies infringing their area of responsibility, their ‘territory’ if you will. Following the law, they would be constrained, but this is a case of ‘who watches the watchman?’”
7/23 c26 Guest
Luhor makes a two cent/two dollar cheaper domestic and environmental friendly fuel hell yes he gets a pardon
7/25 c10 2arawiguM
Okay—the technically-not-ntr was a turn-off. I’m out.
7/25 c7 arawiguM
“Tactical” turtleneck? Sounds like fragile masculinity. xD JkJk. Regardless, this fic is friggin fantastic!
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