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11/28 c4 Dwarrior
So cute. Loved this story. Keep up the awesomeness...
8/5 c4 Carla the wizard
8/5 c3 Carla the wizard
I'm having fun reading this!
8/5 c2 Carla the wizard
TELL HIM LUCY! And yay Aquarius back!
8/5 c1 Carla the wizard
3/6 c4 1CuteBubbles
OMG this fic was incredible! I LOVE how you captured the tender moments of physical attraction and emotional closeness between them. I love how your portrayed Lucy’s jealous feelings. This is so worthy of their love story! You did such a great job! Also I looove how Natsu confessed- it was sooooo romantic and worthy of a confession! I kinda wish we got to hear his speech though. But anyway loved this fic and your depiction of their love! Keep writing!
3/3 c4 BeautifulSamurai
That was perfect. Perfect.
3/3 c3 BeautifulSamurai
Wow. So so SOOOO good.
3/3 c2 BeautifulSamurai
awe, this new relationship between Aquarius and Lucy is lovely
3/3 c1 BeautifulSamurai
AWE! Can you read minds? This is totally a scenario i've imagined but written better than I ever could imagine...
1/28 c4 122Dark Shining Light
Sorry it took me forever to leave a review! Your story was amazing and I think it was cute that Natsu planned a romantic dinner for Lucy. Shows he does listen! I do wish we knew what Natsu’s thoughts on Touka were but I guess at the end it doesn’t matter since he was only interested in Lucy ;) great job!
1/9 c4 pokemonluver4eva131
12/25/2019 c4 b2utifulshawol
Awwwwwww cute cute cuuuuute!
12/25/2019 c1 7Islandprincess11
Oh my heart ️ I love this so much
12/22/2019 c4 stranger1999
this was adorable!i was having cravings for some sweet, fluffy Nalu and this was just what i needed
i am aware of what happened in the manga and i was both shocked and not because honestly we should have expected something like from Mashima of all people!XD
anyway as for your future projects, they all sound great but im leaning more towards the soul mate AU (mostly because i am in love with that trope)
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