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for The Lion, the Witch and the Vanishing Cabinet

5/25 c2 3lop90ful1
Really lovely so far, harry is harry and I just love how Luna is pitrayed.
4/8 c8 15Vanessa Masters
Yes. I was almost hit, too. I know what electricity looks like," he replied a touch sarcastically.

"Ah, of course." Faralda nodded. "You are not speaking of lightning from the sky, but of shock spells."

"There's a difference?" Harry blinked.

"Is there a difference between the fire in a fireplace and the fire in a forest fire?" She asked, brow arched with amusement.

When she put it like that, it seemed quite obvious.

Shaking her head, she continued. "If those are the extents of her injuries, I would not worry overmuch. Shock spells tend to be very dramatic in results, and if she has recovered already to such an extent, then I doubt there will be any further complications."

"Oh," he said, sitting back into the chair relieved.

"I do hope that this means you will not be opting out from tomorrow's lecture."

Harry flushed. He had been thinking that there was no need to attend any further lectures, if Luna was in fact alright. "W-well..."

Having made her point, she changed the subject.

"I would like to see that wand of yours for a moment, if I may?"

"Oh, uh... Sure?" he said, reaching for his wand and then hesitating.

It always felt a little bit awkward—as if it was a private act somehow. Still, she had helped him, so...

"Hmm...?" Faralda curiously looked over the wand in her hands, rolling it around and looking at it from every angle, swishing it once but finding no result. Finally, she handed it back. "A curious enchantment. I've never seen its like before."

Harry nodded, not knowing what to say. "I bought it when I turned eleven. They're pretty common back home."

So far Luna had been quite open about life back home, so he wondered if that would work for him too. Faralda nodded, though she did not appear very interested beyond what she had already figured from her observation of the wand.

"Staves and scrolls are common enough apparel, as are rings and other forms of jewellery..." She said, raising a hand to show a single band of gold around her index finger. "But wands are quite uncommon."

"What about diadems?" Seeing the elf's frown, Harry tried again, gesticulating to show how it was worn. "I mean, tiaras."

"Ah, yes. Circlets. Quite common, often with defensive enchantments."

"Huh..." Well, maybe Luna would be interested to know that, since the diadem seemed to be broken. They didn't talk much more than that, other than the unspoken agreement for Harry to attend tomorrow's lecture as well.


Neat, and all but one of the ingredients. Love this story, so well written and Luna is so clever. ;)
4/8 c7 Vanessa Masters
What is Illusion magic like, sir?"

"It's the least appreciated of the five schools!" he cheerfully replied, already Harry of the strange lecture on Restoration he had heard earlier. "But in principle, it is very similar to Alteration; both change the world so that physical truths no longer hold. But unlike Alteration, Illusion is not bound by the laws of nature, so you could say that they are without limits!"

"Oh," Harry said, thinking that he hadn't really understood a word.

"Its only weakness, if it could be called such, is that Illusion spells only affect a target or the caster. Ensnaring the minds of others, creating light in the dark, inspiring courage in your fellows and becoming invisible are but few of the things a Master of Illusion can do!"

That... actually cleared it up a little bit.

"So they're spells that have to do with perception?"


Harry nodded, hesitating whether or not he should ask if it also included the mind arts. His previous year's disastrous attempts with Snape still fresh in mind, he decided to forego the question and instead turned to Luna.

"What about you, Luna? Found anything interesting?"

"Oh yes, I was transfigured into a cow and a horse and a dog," she replied casually.

Blinking and thinking back, he prodded: "By the Alteration teacher?"

It was the only subject he could immediately tie transfiguration to, though the connection to Conjuration seemed a possibility as well.

"Oh no," she shook her head. "Brelyna is a new student, just like we are. She also gave me green eyes for a while."

Not sure how to take that, Harry could only nod. "Oh... kay?"

Luna didn't seem hurt or particularly bothered by the experience, so even though human transfiguration was an extremely advanced subject, he supposed it was fine. Though now that he thought back on the subject he was immediately reminded of Moody—or rather, Barty Crouch Jr. In disguise—transfiguring Malfoy into a ferret, and so his mood soured


I'd take restoration, those wards sound useful, and maybe illussion.
4/8 c6 Vanessa Masters
After hearing of their exploits and the saving of those who had been sleeping in Nightcaller temple, the old alchemist looked very troubled.

"What you have done might not be very good for Dawnstar..."

Harry's mind blanked out. He leaned forward, brows furrowed. "What do you mean?"

Frida's downcast expression said little, her eyes far away. "So many people, sleeping for so long, so near to Dawnstar... Even before my time. Guess I'm not that old, after all." She laughed a little before meeting his eyes. "I slept better last night than I have in decades. It must have been always there, just beneath the surface, unbeknownst to all of us until now." The old woman seemed to shrink at the thought, shivering as if suddenly reminded of some great horror for a moment, before it all vanished and her eyes returned to them. "Thank you, Harry, thank you, Luna. I will have to thank that dark elf priest next we see at Windpeak Inn as well."

Brows still furrowed, Harry shook his head.

"Then what did you mean by it not being good...?"

Frida sighed deeply, shaking her head.

"There isn't enough work to go around. The iron mine and docks keep the town afloat, but only just. Who knows how long the food-stores will last now, with so many more mouths to feed and spring still so far off..."

Harry rocked back, sitting back against his chair as he thought about that.

"But, they have gold, so..."

Frida nodded. "And so gold the merchant ships will ask. But they do not need gold, while we do need food."


Hmmm, and now Luna needs healing.

So,.off to the college of magic.

And hey, maybe the diadem did give them wisdom and knowledge? It just only danger is there?
4/8 c5 Vanessa Masters
Well, they got a ton of gold out of that, but sadly, the guy Harry sold Luna's dress to is already gone. :( Awwww.
4/8 c4 Vanessa Masters
"Yes, well... My Lady Mara has granted me a vision, guiding my steps to you. There is a terrible curse upon the people of Dawnstar, plaguing their sleep and threatening their souls," Erandur explained, growing more heated by the second. "I must journey out to put an end to this, and she has conveyed to me that you would be able and willing to help."

"Oh, well, umm... She must be quite something to do that. Did she hear about us from someone, perhaps...?" Harry fished, trying not to sound rude or too obviously judgmental.

But Erandur only laughed. "The Divines hear many things, my child. But even I was surprised when she lead me to you."

Harry only nodded, saying nothing to that as he firmly mentally crossed over the man before him as a complete nutter.

Perhaps sensing that reticence, the priest frowned. "You... have heard of Mara, haven't you? The handmaid of Kyne?" Seeing no reaction from either, he continued. "The Mother Goddess of Love, of the Imperial Pantheon...?"

Glancing at Luna, Harry shrugged as he suddenly realized that perhaps insulting a stranger's religion in another country wasn't the brightest of ideas.

"Where from do you hail, to not have heard of Mara?" the priest wondered and Harry realized suddenly that Thoring was now paying rapt attention to the conversation as well. This isn't good, what do we tell them...?!

"I'm from Ottery St Catchpole. It's in Devon, you see, and I live with my father there. But right now we're a little lost, Harry and I," Luna answered without hesitation as she glanced at him with a smile.

Harry's goggled at her careless words, just blurting out like that.

The elf blinked, his bright red eyes appearing confused only for a moment before he nodded. "Oh, well... I see. It is a shame that Mara's love is not known there, for hers is gentleness and kindness for all."

What, Harry thought.

"Oh," Harry said.

Was it that easy?

Luna nodded sagely at the elf's words. "I will make sure to tell daddy about Mara, I'm sure he will want to write about her."

"I see." Erandur nodded, before shaking his head. "Regardless, I wished to speak with you two about the nightmares that the locals have been suffering from, and about putting a stop to them."



And interesting use of the confund charm.
4/8 c3 Vanessa Masters
"I feel so stupid for not remembering that I could have just apparated us there... Bloody well wasted the whole day."

"Oh, I don't think so. It was quite a nice day for a walk," Luna opined cheerfully to match his dark misgivings. "And I found so many herbs and flowers and berries along the way! We should go see Frida again tomorrow, Harry. I'm sure she'll be happy to see what we brought back."

"Huh?" he grunted intelligently in query.

She raised a bag that he didn't remember seeing before, opening it to show how its insides were divided into compartments, filled to the brim with various small and colourful things that she must have picked up along the way. Some of which he thought he recognized vaguely.

Had she picked out things in the alchemist's shop and looked for them the whole day? He realized he was staring at her now with his mouth hanging open in amazement.

"Brilliant, Luna!" It was all he could say.

She smiled at his honest praise, closing the bag carefully as she tried to keep the snow from falling in.


Ayep! Wouldn't have found those things to sell if you apparatus

Also, whoops! People saw his patrons
4/8 c2 Vanessa Masters
"Right, uh. Yeah. So, what's the last idea you had?" Harry asked, somehow already feeling better. Somehow talking with Luna seemed to do that, since her ideas were so out there that he had to step back and wonder whether he was actually dreaming.

"Oh, we might be in another world."

Well. That made all too much sense for him.

"You think so? I mean, does that happen often when wizards apparate?" he asked.

"Oh no... At least I don't think so. The Quibbler has never had any issues regarding other worlds. But there were two moons, so it seems very straightforward."

Harry sighed. "It does, doesn't it?" He shook his head, then. "Well, it doesn't matter much, right now. I mean, I don't know about you but I'm hungry—"

"—Oh, I'm ravenous—" Luna interjected, seeming inordinately pleased with herself for some reason.

"—and we have no money. So, that's a problem," he finished.

She blinked, tilting her head as she realized he was right. Then she leaned in with a more sombre expression on her face. "The book 'Easy Spells to Fool Muggles' says that we can use the Confundus charm in situations like these..."

He grimaced, vaguely remembering the book. He had read it in his third year if his memory served him correctly. Back then he had laughed at the idea of confunding someone, but now...

"I don't think I would feel right, doing something like that," he admitted.

She didn't say anything, only looking at him with an honest expression of curiosity.

"I mean, it seems a bit... mean, to just spell someone, especially after he did offer us a place to sleep out of the cold. Even if it was just on the floor. It had been warm and dry, which was all they really needed.

She nodded with a smile, not challenging or agreeing with his statement either way.

"Besides, I think I could work to get us enough money. I mean, at least in the short term." He thought back to all the things he had done back with the Dursley's. He had plenty of skills, even if he wasn't sure quite how many of them would be useful here and how much money they would be worth. Looking back at Luna, still wearing her silver dress and pretty shoes, with her slender arms bare to the chill, he made up his mind. "You won't have to work, not while we're hiding our magic. I've done a lot of things like this before, Luna."


I love this, especially with Luna, she's so quick witted and there they are fetching potion ingredients!

So excited, keep it going!
4/8 c1 Vanessa Masters
I don't remember ever seeing this cabinet..." Luna noted as she stood behind him.

"Yeah, it was a bit hidden..." Harry explained before a grin sprouted on his face. Turning around to look at Luna who was now standing on her toes some feet away from him, he continued. "I only remember it because Fred and George told me they shoved Montague in it last year when he was being particularly foul with his 'inquisitorial duties'. He was gone for weeks!"

She blinked owlishly, gasping at the story. But she didn't laugh as he had expected her to, seeming more shocked and curious than anything else. "Was he alright?"

"Err, I guess. He came back, sometime later from what I heard," he explained, somewhat lamely.

She nodded, seemingly satisfied. "So, it's a Vanishing Cabinet, then."

"Right." He nodded. "But what does Malfoy want with it?"

Was he trying to make something vanish? Was that why he had been trying to smuggle in Dark jewellery from Hogsmeade? To what... Dispose of it? Scratching his head, Harry didn't quite get it.

There had to be better ways of going about stuff like that, though. Would it make better sense to bring in the jewellery to frame Dumbledore, or curse him? Why try and make it vanish with the cabinet? Couldn't you just do that with the spell, too?

"I wonder where its pair is..." Luna mused, bringing Harry back from his own thoughts.

"Pair?" he repeated.

"Oh yes. What you put in one goes into the other. So I have heard. A bit strange, if you ask me. Vanished thing go into non-being, usually, they don't pop up when someone tries to vanish something else, after all." she stated, wrinkling her nose in thought.

"That would be a bit barmy for a cabinet though, wouldn't it? You put your things in and then when you need them again, they're gone? Wouldn't you rather have a vanishing spell in—I don't know—a bin or a pot?"

"Oh, so it's a switching cabinet?" she asked curiously, before shaking her head. "But that doesn't alliterate, it's no good as a name."

He frowned, unable to come up with an adequate answer. Finally, he only shrugged, turning back to investigate the cabinet. He walked around the cabinet, exploring it from every angle, finally settling behind it. Crouching down, he noted that there were signs of recent tampering near the rear left foot of the cabinet, though to what end he didn't know.

As he was looking, Luna's words weighed heavily on his mind.

The cabinet had a pair.

The cabinet looked just like the one in Borgin & Burkes.


Very good, first luna explains to Harry about the vow, and she knows the cabinet to be a switching one!
3/22 c8 Tyfli barda
Story has potential, well written despite its slower pacing. But like the original Harry Potter character he seems so willfully lazy, it's magic yet he seems to shun learning until it becomes painfully necessary. He is in a new world with different kinds of magic, wandless magic yet he doesn't even seem that interested in it or baffled by it. Is he depressed or something because he just goes with the motion like he is trying hard to convince himself to do good when faced with challenges, the reluctant hero, he is kind of boring it drags the story down.

And then take a bath obsession, solution; magic man, transfigure a bathtub, aguamenti spell , then heat it up with you guess it magic. It’s like he's not even trying to solve a problem just whinny about it.
1/18 c8 MoonBurner
Is it wrong of me to hope they develop feelings for each other?
11/11/2020 c2 ElderLucian
Well Luna is best girl.
10/27/2020 c8 Maddax
Wow, you've done an amazing job capturing canon Harry. All the fanfiction I've read over the years had made me forget how much I disliked him. In fact, I hated his behavior in year six so much that I ended up never finishing the series.

The thing is, I've also always liked Luna, and have never been quite sure why either. You've done a brilliant job with her as well. Seeing her clearly charming everyone they run across completely unintentionally, despite the bad impressions left by Harry's... canon Harryness is delightfully heart warming.

A bit of a tip though; if you tag the main characters you'll probably have more readers.
10/22/2020 c8 Phantom0408
This is seriously amazing. A story that has its own pace and isn't dragged along by the game's plot. This is Gold. I'm really enjoying the direction you are taking this story but one thing has been bugging me. When is the plot of the game going to happen and if it isn't, why not? As much as I enjoy your fanfic, these questions have been super distracting. Anyway, thanks for the chapter and keep up the good work.
10/10/2020 c8 Nerverean
Hope Harry will learn Skyrim magic and annihilate Voldemort with Power he knows not :)
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