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for The Lion, the Witch and the Vanishing Cabinet

6/29 c2 Gnormann
Harry and Luna make a good couple. Keep it up!
6/28 c11 Locothehood
Dammit man update this
3/11 c9 2JManM
I can't tell if you did Harry justice or made him a bit to thick.
2/28 c2 timmy1022
Luna best girl obviously. Even though there's not much Canon for her in the books. The actor who played her in the movies was good.

I like this story.
2/23 c11 TheMostPeculiarSerb1995
A most excellent story, so far!
2/15 c11 6The Tailor
Great read and I really enjoyed, the timeskip was well done enough I thought and you did enough characterisation with the lighthouse family I felt it was impactful for there deaths.
1/26 c11 Zentari2238
Apparition can be performed without a wand. Also, really not sure why you are ecstatic about Harry losing his wand. You just killed one of the major draws of this story in a blind effort to apply 'nerfs'.

It made sense for Archer in your other story to get crippled. This here? This was a mistake.
1/17 c5 Guest
It would be good for the skyrim to change the mc. How could a human that is able to use magic and knows after the first year that there is a semi immortal lich wanting to kill him not study all he can to defend himself, not use every scrap of skill and magic to better himself. Only use his time for idiotic sport that by no way would gift him with survival as well as skills that mean nothing when he faces his enemies, divination elective and care for creatures. Even if he was a child a child that is faced with such circumstances, serves like a house elves to hatefull relatives is one that grows faster at the very least in mind, yet the mc in most canon as well as in some fanfics behaves like a moron.
1/17 c3 Guest
It is a bit unbelivable that mc behaves like a typical two goody shoes dipshit of a mc. They are in a survival situation he should not care about hogwarts and britain and should care about their survival. And it means do everything that he possible can to survive. Meaning fk the morals he so highly values if he needs he should confound whoever he wishes, he should use notice me not charms and other magics to have a better position. Him not asking if luna is willing to sell her dress is another thing that vexes a little. Why he would decide her without asking without consultations and even more why not simply use the methods suggested by luna. One spell and they could have a meal a bed and clothes to wear.
1/17 c2 Guest
Bigger towns should also mean bigger villages, more villages as well as more other things like forts, towers and so on, not to forget more population.
12/22/2021 c2 2Pinkypi
this is good, I like the Luna touch she brings. He'll need that. Especially if he runs into Sheo. Luna could give that prince a run for his money kekekeke.
12/20/2021 c11 1Poseidon93
Enjoying the story quite a bit! looking forward to more!
12/19/2021 c11 NineYetis
I honestly really like this story. The good but obviously young Harry and his relationship with Luna. You did a good job. It hurts to see how this place us changing him but it makes sense. I look forward to seeing how Luna and Harry will develop.
12/10/2021 c11 2enslavedmoisture
I'm really loving this story so far. I remember seeing it a few times and never bothered checking it out, not expecting much as the summary wasn't very interesting and I have run into a lot of low quality fics in the Elder Scrolls/Harry Potter crossover. But I am so glad I checked it out. It has become one of my favorite fics. I hope you update soon.
12/8/2021 c10 2Mangahero18
well that escalated quickly
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