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for WithOut a Voice Can you Hear my Heart?

1/16/2020 c1 Guest
I am excited to find that you are still writing.
Thank you so much for your powerful and inspiring words. I am sorry that it has taken me this long to read it. If only I had back then it would have helped me out sooner.
After my break up with my ex fiance it took me while to build myself up. Then I made the mistake of a rebound. He was just like the first. Then i just let the whole trying to find a guy out the window. My mother ended up getting cancer and passing. I have had to take care of my younger siblings During those times I just couldn't get out of my dark hole. I am doing better now and getting the help I need.
It is 2020 and I finally got the guts to read my post. I am so proud of you, honestly I wish I could be as strong as you.
I wish to thank you so much for the post. Sadly I have forgotten the password to both email and to my log in.
Or I would have pm you instead. If anyone could inspire those stories more I believe whole heartedly it would be you.
Again I can not thank you enough for your kind words.

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