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for To Raise a Vampire

4/16/2021 c15 CosasCosmicas
Naruto, where?
8/8/2020 c5 8Prickly Bulbasaur
Marco is a vampire! Nice!
7/7/2020 c19 swee2iepea
Aww I absolutely adored this story! I am kind of sad that it ended as well. Maybe you could make another story connected this this as an 'afterwards'? Depicting their time living on the ship after they joined the family. That would be awesome!
3/29/2020 c19 BlueHeartNina
Kinda sad that it ended i would really like to see Luffy grow up
3/12/2020 c19 Ocii99
OMG IT WAS SOOOO CUTEEEE! I really loved this story. I'm very sad that's finished now, I need more about this. Luffy is just soo adorable and hiw he calls Whitebeard papa it makes me soft. Again you are amazing, keep writing storys please, they are spectacular!
3/11/2020 c19 1Aysa54
I have absolutely loved this story! While I’m sad to see it end I really enjoyed reading it along the way!
3/11/2020 c19 Samster7241
I am sooooooo sad that this is the end
3/7/2020 c18 Ocii99
It's such a cute story! I just love it! You have a great talent in writing! I'm glad that Teach died, he deserved it.
2/26/2020 c17 Push23
Nice chap...well I guess u r right about wat u said about teach...I hope he suffers a painful death.
2/19/2020 c16 Push23
Dam teach...I thought atleast one ff he would be gud...
Guess deceiving is his second nature...gud asl is safe...
2/9/2020 c14 7sairakanzaki
Well for some unknown reason i want someone to kidnap ace hahaha maybe a pure and powerful vampire because he liked how he killed his mother? You know? A sickening vampire chaos. Hahahaa the story is incredible but i want some marco and ace moments! Please update soon.
1/28/2020 c13 Tinajp
Awwww grimly Luffy is so pure, also I'm really happy you decided to bring Shanks to the story I can't wait to read more of Luffy and Shank's interactions. Thank you for updating I can't wait for the next chapter
1/26/2020 c12 Passer-by
Oh, ASL pirates~ The last time I visited this site is about a year ago and good new ASL fics were scarce and I believe I had read most of them. Lol.

Quite nice story you have here, and I like how Luffy is able to project his dream. It must be nice when he dreams about unicorns, I'd like to join riding one. Good job on not doing overused idea; I don't think I have read a Luffy with such power. I like Sabo and hope you'll add his screen time. And I love the brothers so much, they are cute siblings with wide age gap, 14 years yeah? Although how their past is dark, I hope they will get brighter future (and if possible join the Whitebeards); please make a happy ending for the boys.

So far, I don't have complain, e just maybe add more mysterious feeling to your fic...? Ace and Sabo are two brothers who are not easily trusting, it's shown on how they pick the Spades, but at the later chapters especially when they are first getting on Moby Dick, they are telling people their past quite a bit. Eventhough it's only to Whitebeard and Marco, I found it contradictive to how they are first introduced (not-easily-trust-others!). Hmmm, but if you did make them not "saying" their past and instead show (explain?) their past to WB little by little, the plot probably gonna be much slower.

Well, regardless, this is nice story and I enjoyed reading it. I'm looking forward to the next chapters. Have a nice day! Ah, and I'm sorry if I offended you; I don't have ill intention!
1/20/2020 c12 Kira494
Awww poor little luffy dreaming about slenderman !
keep up the good work :) really love this fic :D
1/13/2020 c11 Samster7241
Luffy is like a dream catcher. He keeps all the bad things away from his brothers.
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