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11/26/2019 c4 jokeisonyou
Great story so far, is the story mainly going to focus on the Haphne relationship, or will it have a plot? Can't wait to read more!
11/25/2019 c3 Tako08
So what let the haters hate
11/25/2019 c4 Forsitis13
Just binged this in one sitting and absolutely loved it. Characters are engaging, plot moves with deliberate pace, dialogue is wonderful. Can't wait for it to be updated!
11/23/2019 c4 Tako08
When are you adding new chapters to both stories
11/22/2019 c4 J.B
jumping back into HP after a few years and this fic absolutely floored me. Truly looking forward to reading more, thank you.
11/22/2019 c4 1whiteabyss89
Really good story. Looking forward to reading more
11/21/2019 c4 hooplah
I enjoyed this and I'm looking forward to a few more chapters once you've sorted your Troll problem. If you get your fanfiction reviews mainly through email you could set up an automatic filter of the early chapters maybe? Another option is perhaps moving that story to AO3. I've seen a few authors move there as they allow disabling of anonymous reviews.

On to the story itself - I very much enjoyed the back and forth. Your Daphne characterisation was fun and I'd love to see her negative impressions of Harry during school be explored a bit further.

As for some constructive stuff I thought that perhaps the post sex argument was a little dramatic and but that was possibly because I didn't quite track Daphne's motivations.

She called it casual. It clearly annoyed Harry and then she got annoyed when he reacted badly to it being called casual (even though she also seemed to want more, or at least for things to be meaningful)?
11/21/2019 c1 hooplah
Ill review the rest on the latest chapter but I have to point out that Scotland is a part of Britain.

So Harry's correction that Ron isnt Scottish he's British doesn't make any sense. You could use English here instead.
11/21/2019 c4 2Aughabar
Very well written, love the humor and realistic interactions between characters. Looking forward to more.
11/19/2019 c4 tiran187
Great fic! nice interactions between Ron, Hermione and Harry, love that relaxed friendly banter between them, too bad that doesn't really happen in most fics.
And between Harry and Daphne too, I am interested what is going to happen now that he decided that Daphne's group is doing a probably good thing and whether he will join that group or help fund them or whatever. Or just stay apart from that but still see Daphne, and not even telling Ron and Hermione.

The last part of the last sentence in the summary is a bit strange though.

Can't wait till you update!
11/19/2019 c4 18IAmOutOfIdeas
I am actually physically hurt at the idea of waiting for another chapter of this. I adore this story; this is my all time favorite FanFiction pairing and I like the different take on it you’ve got going . Keep up the amazing work
11/18/2019 c4 Fitzthrawn
Just finished all 4 chapters. This was a delight! Thank you for writing it. Please ignore the flames, and I look forward to your return to this story.
11/18/2019 c4 Guest
I enjoy this story somewhat. I like Daphne/Harry. I don’t like that Harry seems to be kind of dumb in this story. He gets jerked around and he always seems to be on the back foot, ignorant and at the disadvantage. Also, when he gets rightfully upset about things, he gets called and asshole and he’s like oh yeah, I was in the wrong, you’re right. Like Daphne wasn’t equally or even more of an ass than he was. Makes it frustrating to read. He didn’t do anything wrong yet he’s an asshole? Bleh.
11/17/2019 c4 w0if
Holy sh*t. Ok, first off, I haven't read your other big story yet, but if it's anything like this at 1M fricking words, you have to be the most criminally underrated author ever. I have read practically every single haphne story above 1k favs, and almost the same for dark harry stories (or at least started them), and I can say with absolute certainty that this story is better written than almost every single one of them. I wouldn't go so far as to say it is the best one YET, as it is only 4 chapters in, but I definitely won't rule it out. From what you wrote in your AN, I can sort of see how the story would have only 500 favs, and I guess rewriting the beginning would go towards fixing that, but then again, I haven't read it yet so I will reserve judgement for now.

Now back to this story. So far, in only 4 chapters you have on several times made me smile, laugh, (almost) cry, and cringe for and with the characters. Your writing style is strangely engaging, I couldn't put away the story so I stayed in my car for two hours to finish it, instead of walking up to the apartment. It feels uniquely refreshing, and while you somewhat stay true to the characters, and to some extent fanon, and whenever I felt a trope coming up, you managed to somehow subvert it in an unexpected, but natural and realistic way, that didn't feel forced, nor like an actual subversion. The banter, mindgames and flirting of these two broken individuals was very entertaining, and incredibly heartwarming, and sadly realistic enough that it ended in this catastrophe. However I was once again taken aback by the storys level of maturity in working through the conflict in a way that fit their characters.

Now for the downsides. This is a hard one, since the overall experience has been so overwhelmingly positive. However one thing still comes to mind. I liked the fact that the story was playing with our expectations a little in the synopsis as well as the first chapter as to whether Sara is actually Daphne. And while I could take the Pairing tag as an almost definite hint, you broke any reader tension for that question by putting the "spoiler" at the end of chapter one. And while I (as a Haphne fan) am somewhat relieved at the confirmation, I am also a bit miffed at being denied the fun of figuring it out myself. Also, speaking of Authors notes, you kept confirming several plot details or intentions of characters in the AN publicly that I as a reader would have rather speculated about. I know its weird but I can't help it.

Well that aside, the story was still probably the best one I have read in months, (excluding the two major stories that I have been following for years, for now) and I hope you haven't lost your spirit from people apparently sending flame your way. From the perspective of this story, it would be entirely undeserved. I hope you find time to continue this soon.

In the meantime however, I have realized that I am probably looking at roughly a month of diminished productivity at work while I use every free minute to read through Eclipse. Thanks for that :)
11/17/2019 c4 NataS666
Seriously... What a masterpiece... I am huge fan of Harry/Daphne pairing... and this is... a fresh breath of air... It is so unique, it is so captivating... The plot... the emotions... they're so real.. OMG... I never thought that I would say it... but this is THE best romance story I've read on this site. period. The character development is so real and well made... Literally a freaking rollercoaster, this is what this story is! I really wish that I would have come here a couple of years in the future... when this story would have MOOOORE CHAPTERSSSS cause this story rocks. It is been a long time since I've read a story that touched me as much, as this story did. Really wish to see more of this masterpiece of yours. I'm definitely going to read your other stories tomorrow. definitely. About trolls and other things, when they write something as good as you did, and only then can they say something about your story being total trash or something like that. I understand that everyone have different tastes, but hell no... This is a masterpiece. Really really wish to see more of this, and what will happen next... About Daphnes background, all this terrorist stuff and so on. What/why/who are doing this. And then... Will Harry meet her? When will they meet? Will Harry get injured, and She will be healing him and then he will recognize her..? Who knows? ;) I'm so thrilled that your writing this! thank you for this awesome story :D I just can't put it in words, how interesting this story is.
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