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for Eat Your Heart Out Robin Hood

7/12 c5 5LoveSync11
One of the best reccs by Nauze, I love the original plot and your elements with it. I had certain reservations with it just being 5 chapters in but boy oh boy. One of my best reads. Keep up the good work!

Also an obligatory...

7/7 c5 W0lfgang
I've just read this after seeing a recommendation on Reddit. And after getting to the end of the last chapter, I was worried this had been abandoned, but after reading the bio I'm hopeful it will be continued soon.

One question I kept asking while reading that last chapter though - with a couple of hairs, why not use polyjuice to find out who Sara is?
6/12 c5 Pruitfizza
This is so good! I read chapters 1-4 on AO3, and I was so desperate to read more that I tracked down chapter 5 here. I wish you the best with your writing endeavors. This is amazing, and I would love to read more. :)
5/27 c5 Hank1967
Wow! That was a wild ride! Poor Harry; he just can't catch a break, can he? I see Ginny is still in love with the concept of Harry Potter rather than the real Harry Potter... For someone who claims to be in love with him, she certainly makes no allowances for who he is and what he's been through. Does she even know him at all, or is she just that self-absorbed? That bit with George was unexpected. Love how you puzzled around the canon to make your subplot happen. Very well done that! And now Harry's re-discovered 'Sara' and, of course, it's at the worst possible time. (As if there would be any other for Harry; after all, he's fate's chew toy...) Excellent chapter! Love the length of these chapters. Really gets you into the story. Please update soon!
5/26 c4 Hank1967
Excellent chapter! Glad to see Harry and Daphne back on an even keel. Enjoyed all of the drama and tension. Enjoyed the banter with Ron and Hermione there at the end. Off to the next chapter!
5/26 c3 Hank1967
Ouch! Such a letdown after such a high... Daphne/Sara really has a way with words, doesn't she? Excellent chapter! Kept thinking of a younger George Lazenby and Diana Rigg for our two heros. Loved them in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.
5/26 c2 Hank1967
Excellent chapter! Love the tension between Harry and Daphne; how it's like pulling teeth to get anything out of either one of them. Really enjoying this! Had to laugh at your author's comment about going back to old stories. Reminds me of some of the stuff that I've done. Can't wait to see what's next!
5/26 c1 Hank1967
This is off to an interesting start! Poor Harry should have never listened to Hermione and Ron. What a nightmare! I've lived through a few hurricanes - they are nothing to sneeze at. Enjoyed seeing how Daphne entered the story. Great job with the struggle against the hurricane. Although I do wonder, why are they not apparating, or does the hurricane interfere with this also? Can't wait to see what's next!
5/25 c5 4AthenaBSparrow
Is this abandoned or will you be updating soon? Would love to read more.
5/23 c5 1Salty Sauce
Happy to read this. I read the first four chapters and then read the latest chapter just now. I would say that you presented a relatively consistent characterisation of a Harry who is so messed up it goes beyond sad to quite pathetic. It’s not my particular cup of tea but it certainly fits with what you have already done. That being said the bit about Harry pissing away most of his fortune maybe isn’t but that is neither here nor there.

However, I did feel that the writing in this chapter was a lacking occasionally. Throughout the long internal monologues where Harry is having a pity party I feel that the writing is unnecessarily dense. Half of this chapter is merely nailing down the number of potential witches Sara could be and frankly becomes a bit of a bore after a while. For instance, Harry’s pure apathy especially in the second half of the chapter where he begins to blame himself I just simply skipped as I was worn out by the dense mess that was the first half of the chapter.

Personally, I can clearly discern the reasoning by writing your chapter in this fashion however I feel you have clearly overdone the Harry’s broken to such an extent it actually detracts from how good the chapter is. To fix this I feel you should decrease the size of your unbroken scenes/sections. Like I have said half of the chapter is one scene and most of that focuses on Harry’s feeling sorry for himself.

Furthermore, instead of drowning the reader in Harry’s depression hunt at it. I feel that a few choice words or even sentences in small sections throughout the chapter would project your characterisation much more effectively as I as the reader would feel much more engaged in Harry’s emotional state. Instead after half of the chapter I am so desensitised by the dense delivery of Harry’s state that I simply don’t give a shit about him feeling he killed George. It’s actually quite sad as the chapter as a concept works quite well but I feel that it fails a bit in its delivery.
5/15 c5 Alf
This is really good. Would be a shame if it got abandoned.
3/16 c5 CSPTolkien
This is actually incredible writing. Props to you for building a story that's completely original. Characters actually behaving like normal humans. Witty, humorous dialogue interlaced with inner musings. Well done. But must you keep reminding us that Daphne (Sara) is plain, has no memorable features, apart from her eyes? After about the 13th time, I kinda got the point lol.

Outside of that, very well done! I look forward to seeing how this continues.
3/13 c5 GinsengH
I usually find lemony scenes to be out of touch with the story overall, but this one was well placed.

This story in general has just been really good. Harry's cynical inner musings in the early chapters as well as Ron's constant innuendos were quite amusing. In the vast majority of stories, I would say that they were overly silly, but it just kind of works here.

I absolutely loved Harry/Daphne's adventure from the moment they met at the clinic all the way to when they reached the shack. The parts after that were very good as well, but the sarcastic banter as they were in mortal danger was almost endearing.

Hope you return to this one soon!
2/5 c4 Doms Pads
Oh God I love this story! Can't wait for the next update, hope it's soon!
1/22 c4 astolfo83
Totally need to update this one!
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