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for Eat Your Heart Out Robin Hood

1/11 c4 4ElmDorianGray
This is *great*, not just pretty good. This would actually be a great place to end a story, open-ended and all, though it would be pretty awesome if you have similarly good storyline to continue with beyond this point. I do see you have a chapter 5 uploaded, but beyond that...well, ignore the troglodytes :)
1/11 c3 ElmDorianGray
So, reading this right after Eclipse of the Sky and here's my thoughts so far:

This is *pretty good*. It might even make it onto my top5 Haphne stories once I've read the remaining (so far uploaded, that is) chapters, probably will. The writing is excellent (like in ECOTS), ofcourse, which is something a lot of folks sadly neglect. And your Daphne characterization is *very* interesting and quite radically different (in a good way) from the prevalent Ice Queen tropes.

However, a couple of things: so far, the story has been pretty fast paced, both in terms of events and the pairing stuff. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, depending on the reader, but I do prefer stories which take their time (looking at Eclipse right now ha). I understand this was probably on purpose considering this is meant to be a shorter side-project to Eclipse, but well, just my two-bit.

Regardless of that one thing, which may actually be a good thing for some readers, this is definitely something I would rec to fellow fanfic reader
12/21/2020 c5 Kp
Nice story. Waiting for the next chapter
11/27/2020 c5 1TheDarkLord1356
I really really love this! PLEASE DONT ABANDON!
10/17/2020 c5 11stevem1
Harry Potter is still a self-centered, thoughtless jerk.
10/17/2020 c4 stevem1
I really dislike this Harry Potter. He’s an emotionally incontinent child.

Despite my dislike of the protagonist, the story is enjoyable. Which is discombobulating.
10/17/2020 c2 stevem1
Still a good story. Harry is still an overbearing self-righteous idiot who feels empowered to sit in judgment of others.
10/17/2020 c1 stevem1
I really like the start to this story.

But Harry Potter is deeply stupid.
9/23/2020 c1 14thunderofdeath97
not fond of stories where harry is poor, and honestly i actually like daphne with blonde hair and blue eyes, or black hair with purple or blue eyes lol
9/16/2020 c4 5Legacyofthedawn
Not gonna lie, This is one of the best stories I have read in a long while. I would have been content if it ended at chapter four, as it set up the perfect conclusion while leaving us enough to imagine how things would go. I'm only on chapter four of five as of this review, but I hope to see this story continue with this level of quality and character writing!
9/4/2020 c1 soulofarthur
Hello Firefawn. I see this work that is good. I must follow and favorite you and story. I must now ambush Triage. Good luck writing, I will be off now. Any second here. Fuck how do I get out again?
8/26/2020 c5 sunandkp
Screw the trolls! Keep writing.
8/25/2020 c5 surya25addanki
Well this Harry is a mess , I kind of like it good story
8/23/2020 c5 cameron1812
This is beyond exceptional. Thank you. The dialogue, the story, the story, the dialogue, the self-flaggelation, the humour, the innuendo. This. is. brilliant. Thanks again and can't wait for more!
8/23/2020 c5 Poontangy
This writing is fantastic, I can’t wait for more!
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