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for Eat Your Heart Out Robin Hood

5/27/2020 c5 SkyArk
I’m absolutely in love with your story! Loving every second of it and can’t wait to get to the end!
5/27/2020 c5 skifast
I think it was a great transition it built from what was happening to push the story forward.
5/27/2020 c5 Semigall
Ok, it has been a while. I have been checking this story periodically to see if you had posted a new chapter, and now you have. And, oh boy, it has been worth the wait.
So with my gushing out of the way let’s get to the review proper.
First of, Harry, his portrayal was excellent it captures the fact that he has matured and grown up quiet a bit yet still retains many of his flaws stemming from his upbringing and experiences. Especially his single minded pursuit of Sara. If compared to the books that harkens back to HBP, when he thought Malfoy was up to no good and he was hell bent on proving that.
His relationship with Ron and Hermione was another stand out in this chapter, considering their adventures together it doesn’t seem out of character for both of them just showing up at his house in the middle of the night just to see what kind of hairbrained scheme he’s up to. The, only way I can describe it as, “bro moments” between Harry and Ron while they trying to narrow down the list had me in stitches. Especially the vouyer comments and subsequent attempts at Harry trying to disclose as little as possible.
Hermione, I liked the way you portrayed here, exasperated but still willing to help with just the right amount of nagging added for good measure.
And then of course the emotional one-two gut punch.
First George dying, transition from the light hearted friendly sleep deprived bantering to the hospital was jarring and completely flipped the emotional colouring of the chapter. But this is a compliment I know from a personal experience that nothing can prepare you for receiving news like that and the flip was done masterfully. Harry blaming himself needlessly is also in line with his character.
And then there is Ginny, Harry jumping to conclusions and it blowing up in his face, yeah, that’s him. And Ginny reacting in the way she did is just the way as I would expect any woman to do. Both of them are flawed in one way or the other in treating their relationship and that is completely fine with me. Many of writers tend to portray characters as paragons of virtue, and in this case it would have cheapened the experience.
Ok, enough of my rambling for now.
Keep up the good work, stay safe and I will eagerly await the next installment.
5/27/2020 c5 shimodadaisuke
oh hey , would you look at that? the author is back.
detailed chapter, tho idk whats gona happen now. glad to see you back.
5/26/2020 c5 2Orcinus21
Yeah. You really played the game. All this time, Harry was the unreliable-narrator! Now I am feeling bad for Ginny. There is going to be a fallout right there.
As usual, I loved your tone-shift and balance of humour and seriousness.
Hoping for more from you.
5/26/2020 c5 Fang723
Heeeeey! So glad to see this updated! Can’t wait for more!
5/26/2020 c5 NataS666
Daaaamn... What a freakin' coincidence haha :D I just came back to fanfiction world about a week, and boooom! What better could there be than a story I was waiting to read the most! And it came with another crazy plotwise update! And boyyyy, it was worth the wait... Hell, I've already forgot how detailed everything in your stories is...
What I really liked in this chapter is the fine details... Everything is explained to the fullest... And gritty realism...
The first thing is that it doesn't always end up being easy to do something. To work out something as easily, as in many other fanfictions... It's not that I don't like it, but it's just a unique trait your story has... I bet, if someone other than you, would've written this... Harry and Ron, would have 'magically' found out the true identity of Sara being Voldemort's sister, stuck in a teenage body. Jokes aside really, and I mean REALLY good job on the details... Man... I love it!
And second is that things may not be as they seem to be.
Like holy f*ck! WOW, THAT I CERTAINLY DIDN'T EXPECT. At least not so soon... You manage to surprise me, and I don't think I would be wrong to say, us yet again! Good freakin' job!
It's like you are doing everything differently than the 'norm' The fact that Harry understands that it's kinda his fault, but not all of it, well, let's just say that I like this type of drama and leave it at that... :)
And the best thing... the cliffhanger... You... you pure... pure EVIL! YOU ARE PURE EVIL WOMAN! I would say that I hate you for torturing us with this, but I would be lying... I really love it!
I can't describe it! I really can't... It's a freaking masterpiece... With all character development(or in this case revealing the character?) The plotline... It's just... Damn.

As always thank you for your time spent on this story and for the BEST story I've read. Thank you for the amazing update. I hope you're all good and well.
5/26/2020 c5 adithyashripathi
Amazing! Love the story, can't wait for more!
5/26/2020 c5 5MysticTraveller
I find your portrayal of Harry to be fresh. Too many stories make him out to be an overpowered wizard who can change and bend reality to his whims, and all that as a teenager. He is still only human and you exposed him, flaws and all. Death is the ultimate enemy and if Harry can save everyone with a flourish of his wand, it makes for a boring read. The confrontation between Ginny and Harry was long awaited and you pulled it off nicely. It's easy to blame the other party for the breakup and it's nice to see that Harry realizes his fault in the relationship. And George having a blood curse, nicely done, love the twist. Keep em coming.
5/26/2020 c5 MoonyPadfootProngs1129
Yes, very much yes. I know you profess to be bad at transitional chapters but this one was pretty damn good. Good amount of humor, seriousness, bullshit. Absolutely love it. Love the story, its one of my favourite ongoings (alongside Eclipse).

Cliffhanger though you terrible, terrible person you! Keep up the great work though!

(Also is it just me thats getting some sorta Dr House vibes from Harry at some points in this chapter?)

Keep writing!

Hawks :)
5/26/2020 c5 FanFicNoob 87
Love this story, thanks for the big update. Only thing that bothered me a bit was how dumb Harry was here, felt like everyone was telling him off how he was wrong in some way. Maybe he can be right for once? Anyway, thanks again, looking forward to the next one.
5/26/2020 c5 1firetemplar415
Battle of the crazy eyes is happening in the next episode!
5/26/2020 c5 10Averlovi
Do t think anyone thinks he is a ladies man. Not going to lie I'm a sucker for a romance and the fact and He was Daohnes first? Makes the spark even better for me!
5/26/2020 c5 Minotaursofold
I didn’t log in for half a year and came back to a new chapter? Multiple new chapters! THANK YOU! I thought this story was wrapped up from the end of the last chapter and I am beyond glad that it is not over. The tension, the build up, the dialogue are all brilliant. I could not stop laughing the first half of this chapter. When Harry accepts a challenge he ACCEPTS A CHALLENGE! Granted he went a bit off the deep end, but it was hilarious so that’s alright. I liked how you had him using police techniques to narrow down the suspect list. I am disturbed by whatever is inhabiting his drywall and am hoping it makes a real appearance. Wally the Second? Maybe.

I have to say this went in a way different direction than I thought it would. Fortunately, I don’t get mega attached to preconceived notions like a moronic reviewer below and can actually enjoy a shift in things, and I liked this chapter. I do hope we get back to a pacing like the first four with more hurricanes and floods, but you did warn us this was a transition chapter so I assume it was needed for the plot. All stories have them.

Also, because I know you get flames and developed a habit of looking at your reviews from time to time, I really think that person below, and they know who they are, needs to chill the hell out. I think they were just mad due to a lack of romance in their life and had no Harry-Sara action to get their jollies off to.

Don’t stop believing girl! I love this!
5/26/2020 c5 Dancewithwater
The amount of angst in this chapter is disappointing. It feels completely different from the other chapters. Plus the whole obsessiveness of Harry seems completely strange and out of nowhere. I'm not sure how I feel about this.
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