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for Kiss Me, You Idiot

4/10 c1 sagajunkie
I think B's a little jealous, lol
4/1 c1 Guest
Noooo this is one of my all time favorites. I’m constantly going back to this fic. Where’s the story tho?! :(
3/14 c1 Guest
One of my all time favorites… where did it go?! I reread this story tooo many times
12/12/2023 c1 Guest
STOP! I beg you to stop removing them!

..sobs uncontrollably…

11/26/2023 c33 beachblonde2244
Very cute story! Thanks for sharing :)
11/3/2023 c1 2CullenSweepsMeOffMyFeet
I've read this story multiple times. I've never related to a Bella more.

The holding on to sentimental things to prove love.
The working hard to feel needed.
The words in the letter
"For most of my life, I didn't feel like I was enough. I spent so many years trying to make people like me, to feel some sort of acceptance, when all I really wanted was to feel accepted and loved by you"
" I've figured out a way to get everything I need without you"

Thank you for this beautiful story, it's so touching to read.
10/28/2023 c33 Jenycullen
Its been a long time since I’ve cried so much reading a story. This was really beautiful, truly a wonderful story. Thank you!
10/21/2023 c33 Marme
Encontre este fic hace 2 dias y lo lei en todos mis momentos libres. Me encantó. Este Edward tan tierno y paciente, seguro de su amor por Bella. Linda historia
7/2/2023 c33 CynMar Rom
I have laughed and cried and felt this story so deeply.
Emily reminds me of my own therapist, and working on ourselves is so hard.
I totally thought there would be babies, but this is so much better.
Thanks for sharing!
6/13/2023 c1 foxyfanatic
i like how u write but im kinda scared and skeptical if this about cheating fic coz im not really into that much. so i have to checks reviews first.
3/8/2023 c33 kellneriner
This is just .. perfect
1/21/2023 c33 1Colleen Alize
I absolutely LOVED this story. Thank you for sharing
1/19/2023 c33 JaysWorld2
So, I admire the shit out of your writing style and the stories you produce. Each one is unique and interesting and in some way relatable. You manage to lace in humor with drama and angst in a way that doesn't feel forced or unnatural. The characters are freaking real and flawed and _human_. So thank you for another great one
10/30/2022 c33 2WeirdKailey
Such a sweet cute silly storythanks for writing it! Loved the ending
10/4/2022 c33 twilightobsesser2
Why am I just now reading this? Amazing fix!
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