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for Third Time's the Charm

9/22 c3 Guest
I only see dissapointment. A rpe plot is a cheap plot device for later in the youjo senki world, and more importantly it took away the classic feel of Tanya. You just can’t write her my man. It’s a shitty version of her with non of the feel and completely OC in the worst way. Sad, this would have had potential if the author had even a basic amount of skill in setting up plots, but he decided instead to create a new character that acts completely different he called Tanya and extremely weakly decided to vagly allude to rpe as an ˋexplenationˋ
9/3 c1 Dragonaut344Doomed
I wish people would stop using rape as a plot devise. It just really isn't worth it.
8/12 c56 1setokayba2n
Maybe Tanya should have asked something like "If he break the rules, is there a way to report or fire him?" After all he broke many of the rules
8/6 c2 Umaru the Unfeathered
...Why add the rape? It's risky even when seasoned writers do it, and this is a comedy fanfiction written by a hobbyist... Not to mention that it's been handled pretty tackily so far.
7/10 c1 SMB
I'm not going to read it because of the unnecessary rape and the story is f**king stupid. No one in their right mind would choose a clearly idiotic goddess to be their special weapon. She's a military officer! No one chooses the f**kup! It's f**king stupid!
7/10 c56 5Grizzmon
Well of course Kazuma disobeyed Tanya.
6/3 c13 Robbler
Eris is actually managing to piss me off in this one. She now knows that the heroes were spared by Tanya and still insists on sending them after her.
That makes her worst than Aqua.
At least Aqua wouldn't do something that requires her to work for it, but Eris actively tries to have Tanya killed and even openly supports heroes while in the new world (not sure thats allowed by the way).
I am do disgusted by her, I have no words.
5/24 c3 Larry
Why always adventurer class? The world is based on video games! Advance classes are always better, plus I am fairly sure people are glossing over poor stat improvement.
4/23 c54 Mernom
Reading about those Orcs like those is pretty funny, after having watched a few animations with Orcs who actually treat their prisoners in accord to the Geneva Convention.
4/23 c54 wolf girl811
ick the orc has yucked a part of me it almost seems like a god did this to be funny and made rapist orc and they never had a chance as a race almost seems bred into them so this is a mercy kill i bet the male orc are in hiding and with this culling some can breathe a lil easier I have to wonder if any other monster race has this problem like goblins?
I just remember goblin slayer then the cutesy anime goblins those buggers are vicious!

mecha problem again sometimes I wish we could summon the mechanical guy as a ghost maybe learn a skill from them and use it better
4/23 c54 7zakan
Ok, so no more rapist orcs now, good, that things were gross to even read.
4/23 c54 5Pyromania101
The chapter title made me fear this was the last chapter. Glad I was wrong. Not sure if I condone genocide, but Tanya extended an olive branch, only for the Orcs to refuse and try to rape her/him/them, anyway.
4/3 c53 raymond49090rc
So after 53 chapters, he finally has his penis back. And basically nothing has changed. Yay! (I mean, I doubt she's going to advertise it or anything, so it only really affects the unwritten sexy times.) The only sort of thing about this fic is why does nobody take advantage of the fact that they have an actual truth detector? I'm sure there's a lot of circumstances where it would be useful.

Also, just as my own personal opinion, my favourite part about this fic is the character interactions rather than the plot portions, so idk. Take that as you will.

But despite me knowing nothing about Tanya the Evil, I really enjoyed this fic. Looking forward to what's coming next (and also to what sort of whack idea Kazuma would come up with that Tanya would have mixed feelings about, considering that he's distributing hentai.)
3/27 c53 Chronolocked
So Tanya technically is a Futa at the moment... Damn bruh you hitting some tags here.
3/27 c53 7zakan
Nice chapter, also poor Victoriya, hope she gets boned soon... for her own sanity.
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