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1/9/2021 c27 Borello
some ideas are really good.
2/5/2020 c27 dr-fanmai-lover
2/1/2020 c1 I Are Panda
12/2/2019 c15 Guest
My idea.

Naruto was banished from Konoha after the VOTE battle, which led to Pein capturing Naruto personally before Danzo can and extracted the Kyuubi into another container until the time to seal the Kyuubi last later on. Out of pity, Nagato inserted a tails worth of Kurama's chakra into Naruto to help him survive. Naruto eventually left for the Land of Iron and learn Kenjutsu. After hearing a violent and lawless region filled with only killers, thieves and lawbreakers led by an infamous samurai, Naruto set out to conquer the region and bring peace. Arriving and defeating the leader samurai, Naruto took charge, teaching and reforming the people of the region, rebuild the towns and bringing peace and prosperity to once dangerous land. The Shogun heard of Naruto's deed and made Naruto the Daimyo of the the region.
12/4/2019 c22 Emperor Wan Athers
First of all, if you have idea for story why not write your self, and them post it as a challenge Second, why are you taking other people's ideas, most of these story ideas were already made into the story already or once were a story on this site (granted you changed a few things here and there but you are just reposting other people story ideas.

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