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5/11 c4 14myheadsgonenumb
I was thinking about how different Doyle's life must have been since discovering his demon half in this AU - clearly he is living somewhere different because his canon apartment didn't have a separate bedroom for him never mind a second one, Cordelia knows he's a demon which means he's much more open about it and presumably he hasn't not seen Harri in 4 years because they're sharing parenting. He seems to be in a much happier and healthier place than he ever was in the show and doesn't seem to have struggled anywhere near as much ... which makes me wonder how his finding out about his demon half affected him in this reality, and was that the reason he and Harri split or did they just break up anyway. Or if Fiona was maybe born after the break up but that was what pulled him out of his depression. It's interesting how much just this one alteration changes everything.
5/10 c3 myheadsgonenumb
That was quick! so cute! I loved Fiona turning the Barbie and Ken into Cordy and Doyle - and that they're having a good time. It's really good to have them getting along and Cordelia actually managing rather than her being run ragged. Just adorable fluff.
5/10 c2 myheadsgonenumb
haha - I actually had a gasping 'oh no she didn't!' moment when Fiona asked if Cordelia was in love with Doyle. I wasn;t expecting that (and neither was Cordy!) This was lovely. Are you going to write any more chapters?
5/10 c1 myheadsgonenumb
I love the way you write the team's conversation. 'well ... I was a child once,' sounds like a classic Cordy response to the question and 'she's got us there, pal,' is perfect Doyle.

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