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for The Ever Expanding Hogwarts Class of 1998

4/26 c5 vegafoxfire
can't wait to see what happens next keep it coming
4/26 c1 vegafoxfire
I like your storyline keep coming
3/29 c5 10Knightowl 4183
Hmm, the slight inconsistency is that Loki was from before the Avengers, but after Thor's ending. With the mid-credit scene never happening.

So Nick would of gotten confusion from Loki rather than him admitting to an invasion that he hadn't participated in yet. That is one observation I have for a fic I just read.

I am wondering if you will use Marona from Phantom Brave, Veronica from Dragon Quest 11 who died in the first timeline that was erased, and maybe bring in her sister Serena who would of mourned her for the rest of her life.

Kind of give the two who would cease to be in an erased timeline a chance for happiness, silly antics, and maybe they could support Harry purely by accident. Since they are there by chance, not to try and save the world, and are basically unknowing... Sheep dogs.

Maybe throw in a reborn Elsa and Anna who are from hostile families that somehow feel a sisterly desire to get to know each other...

Make it a raging comedy of errors and unneeded drama to spice things up.
3/25 c4 12excessivelyperky
This should be fun-Accio popcorn!
2/19 c5 Guest
Can you please do dr. Jack Bright from the scp foundation
1/8 c3 excessivelyperky
Oh, Professor Vector will be nice to Lee, but she'll adopt Hari for her own by Christmas Break. And Binns will be delighted to find out he still has relatives about (I like it when Hari thought of Binns and was happy to learn he had living relatives-oops!).

The moment I heard "Peterson" I knew it was Piter!

Although...I wonder if the Mule would Sort Hufflepuff? Nobody ever notices the Hufflepuffs...
12/18/2021 c2 excessivelyperky
I still think Vesper Lynd's 'suicide' was engineered to keep Bond in action instead of going off to play Happy Families...
10/18/2021 c5 61Stormshadow13
How F…ed are the. Lol, pretty.
10/17/2021 c5 1Dragon-bait-2001
Roman? Why not Greek? lol

hmm.. which Star Trek character will you be bringing... Picard, Data, LaForge, Crusher... Barkley?
10/17/2021 c5 l4w
I thought that Gandalf and Loki was a good chapter but you went big and dropped Uatu in for a drink and letter dropped Q.
And I am starting to think that a miracle will happen and Draco Malfoy will get a swirly when he acts like an idiot.
Thanks and I am looking forward to more of this idea
10/16/2021 c5 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
Fun to read, this was. I (Ore) enjoyed it, I did. I (watashi) will follow this, I will. (Degozaru)
10/16/2021 c5 11Nanchih
Tom being Mercurius make perfect sense, so why not? Bring them on - we need all the humor we can get these days! I think Hogwarts is going to need more staff.
10/16/2021 c4 29Sakura Lisel
Wait how did Nick recognize what Loki would look like as a 11? For all he knew, especially since realizing he wasn’t even in his own world anymore, that the kid who LOOKED like a kid version of Loki was just a completely different and NORMAL kid. He shouldn’t even know what Loki would look like as a 11 year old.
10/15/2021 c5 Sebine
I need to reread this fucky little crack fic
10/15/2021 c5 Jostanos
"Why not?" indeed. Oleg. :)


"So," Tom asked quietly, "How fucked are we?"
Uatu's response?

1) "We're so fucked that the multiverse is going to Implode/explode after a certain event happens."
2) "You don't want to know." "But I do. I do." "*sighs* All f the meddling idiots get into a silly argument and.." "And? And?" "*ahem* It's the end of the world as we know it..." "Ugh.. REM at a time like this? Seriously?" "*shrugs* You asked."
3) Something not safe for work, school, etc.

omake? end.
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