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for Mirai Shinobi vol 2: Zetsubou

1h c11 Kage-kitsune9001
Android 21? ...Neat.
4h c10 Kage-kitsune9001
Its been awhile. Glad for this to continue.
5h c11 ShadowBloodedge9396
No thanks, I’m good, no need for more gruesome details than that. *shudders* So this is what life for Future 21 is like, without that wave machine to keep her evil half in check. Life in the Elemental Nations no less. And something is gonna cause her to fight Kakashi according to Bardock’s vision last chapter?
Speaking of. Can’t remember if I read and reviewed the last chapter or if this was part of a double update, so...
Glad to see the Bardock-Tsunade ship is going strong, in their own way, lmao. And Trunks confirmed to have surpassed Bardock? Oh boy...now we need to have Naruto and Trunks have a full spar, XD. Speaking of Naruto, poor him, still not realizing what Shion asked of him...how when he’s got a girlfriend? Is Naruto the Goku of this story fully by this point, minus the finding fun in fighting powerful opponents?
As for the village...I wonder how Sasuke will handle the Sound nin and Kabuto coming for him...and I am looking forward to Danzo failing in whatever plans he has for Cell. Hopefully anyway, preferably without too much loss.
14h c11 1SparkinClark
This was a very disturbing and awesome chapter! That's a very creative way of absorption. I love it! :D
14h c10 SparkinClark
Loved the battle between Tsunade and Bardock! I knew Bardock would win, though it is nice to see Tsunade has improved.

Sasuke meeting the new Sound was pretty great. I wonder if he'll take their offer?

And it looks like Team Z is going to have another problem on their hands with #21.
9/25 c9 Guest
Missing ur story right now
7/30 c9 3Goku275
ANOTHER OUTSTANDING CHAPTER TO ANOTHER OUTSTANDING STORY! The first part of this was, and still is, AMAZING! AND I am LOVING the sequel all the same! I am DEFINITELY looking forward to seeing this through to the very end. It DESERVES to be finished! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE keep up the INCREDIBLE work!
6/5 c9 Josh
Build a multiverse around Mirai Shinobi
What if Trunks was on team 10
What trunks was on team Guy
What Trunks and Naruto were on team 8 ( just an FYI I put Naruto and together for this what if because they wanted to be on the same team in the original story and this what if can make that work
What if Hinata was on team 7
What if Naruto was like Gaara
What if Naruto was like Hinata
What if Naruto had bone release
What if Naruto had ice release
What if Trunks had ultra instinct
What if Naruto grandfather was a Hyuga
PS be sure to give Trunks a good happy ending he deserve it
6/4 c9 1starscreamer11
Was that a RWBY reference?
5/18 c9 1SparkinClark
This chapter is INCREDIBLE! :D That beatdown that Team Z received was WOW! O.O

Especially, when Cell used Jutsu. I wonder if he'll use any Kekkei Genkai next?

Awwwh. Trunks giving everyone gifts. :) I also loved that he visited the RWBY verse.

And it looks like a certain woman is here. Shit's about to hit the fan for our heroes. Anyways, can't wait to see what happens next! :D
5/18 c9 19mugiwara-no-lucy
As ALWAYS you keep me invested and intrigued for more! :D

Not gonna lie, I thought you were gonna kill off one of the leaf non because even if Neji has become a bit of a dick I still love Neji!

Although...if Neji views all this as Trunks’ fault, I wonder if Kiba does given that Hana died in this timeline...

And I wonder if the person talking to Cell at the end of the chapter was Android 21...
5/18 c9 Kage-kitsune9001
Ah yes. The cicada bug-like first form...
5/18 c9 ShadowBloodedge9396
I was wondering if Bardock and Trunks got Ascended Super Saiyan from this training. Perfect time for Cell to show up, XD. And it looks like Trunks had no qualms about hiding Grade 3 from Bardock so he can learn its flaw.
Ok, Sasuke and his team got out alive...their luck must have temporarily jumped to EX. And for Neji, is this a case of he’s not wrong, but he’s wrong when blaming Trunks?
And...was that Android 21 at the end? Damn, that was fast...Cell is one thing, especially if Trunks and Bardock can get to him before he absorbs 17 and 18 and Bardock doesn’t pull a Vegeta. But how are they gonna deal with 21?
5/18 c9 2KuroArashi94
Oh? A sneak peek at 21 so soon? I'd imagine she'll also be an enemy of Cell too given her taunting. She's also feeding on civilians and shinobi I'm assuming so on top of Majin abilities (assuming she has them) she can use jutsu too...scary. Speaking of Cell, calling it now Danzo uses the tail to experiment on himself and perhaps some of his agents in order to gain some Namekian and Saiyan DNA thus actually being a threat. Success rate? ...meh. Can't wait to see what happens next.
5/18 c9 BlindAsABat95
Oh, as if Cell wasn't enough of a problem before, now he has jutsu too? Where the hell's the Raid when you need it?!
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