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for The Council vs Republic Redux

9/20 c12 Guest
Fuck yeeee ! I can t weit when CUS will destroy Republic and Arrest all of Jedai they should be send to Halo Ring Alcatraz
9/21 c6 N1cok
Only several thousand years? That seems way too short. Considering the Halo's were fired nearly one-hundred-thousand years ago in Halo.
9/21 c4 N1cok
Did you completely ignore the language barrier there is supposed to be? Why do none of them think about how strange it is that they have the same language?
9/21 c12 2drbhoom
i've thoroughly enjoyed reading this story, most Stories with this premise jump straight into the battle aspect of this genre but you've taken time to go into the political side of the first contact.
I also have liked the twist that humanity has joined the covenant, it adds an interesting twist to the story (and the RvB references, they've been fun).
9/20 c12 I Judicator
Spirit of Fire is back!
9/20 c12 kweber1
I am really excited to see what this story has to offer later down the line! It looks pretty neat so far and has the makings of one of the best fanfictions I have read.
9/20 c12 MarauderPrime12
Excellent chapter
I wonder how this will turn out
9/20 c12 Falconfighter1427
Can’t wait for more
9/20 c12 3LegoDoc
Crap, the Discord link didn't work
9/15 c1 Guest
Update ! Please !
9/10 c11 Guest
Update Please
9/2 c11 hbgShadowknight
Please update
8/30 c2 Guest
8/26 c10 Guest
Update Please !
8/23 c11 Guest
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