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10/2 c8 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
Omg, your review replies are hilarious
9/2 c19 Winter Metor
Thanks for the chapter keep up the great work
9/2 c19 CAD270895
Please update soon
8/22 c7 Y33t
Don't know what the hell kind of teenager you were, But that isn't what any that I know or knew were like.
7/10 c19 Tenma Kirin
Continue, pls!
7/9 c19 Heon kashirikato
esta muy bueno,espero el próximo capitulo
7/7 c19 ChuLian
Thanks for the chapter!
Reading Gin having his share of torture/training was a lot of fun ;)
7/4 c19 CAD270895
I hope hayato doesn't die
6/10 c1 Zerak
Interesting concept, but not a fan of nerfing him for the narrative of the story. After all the shit he went through the should have no problem using his dying will flames. And while he might not be able to be the next head of the mafia, the rings would stay with him since they are part of a system bigger than the mafia. And they have chosen their current owners. Or at least their current Sky.
6/3 c18 ChuLian
Thanks for the chapter!
I really liked Tsuna and Gin's interactions, the way their relationship is evolving is very interesting, it's very enjoyable to read.
Tsukune's speech where he declares that he 'is going to learn all that Tsuna is going to teach him with his dying will, and that he is going to show anyone who doubted Tsuna that his teaching skills are top notch' is really funny.
It's heartwarming to see Tsuna finally starting to open up to the group.
I hope he can manage to get Gin to participate in training.
Coyote's appearance was a surprise, I'm curious to see what will happen.
I look forward to know the current objectives of the Varia.
Again, thanks for this chapter, I really enjoyed it!
6/1 c18 Winter Metor
Thanks for the chapter keep up the great work
6/1 c18 Kameron the Phantom
Loved the fluff of everyone becoming closer hearing Tsunas story. It feels like the start of them becoming a new family for him. Meanwhile our favorite bomb boy is in one hell of a pinch staring down both Bel and a vongola ring wearing guardian hopefully chrome is able to make a recovery and back him up.
6/1 c18 Tenma Kirin
Continue, pls!
6/1 c1 Gold1992

Great to see another chapter.
Did you mean to write interrupt at the start? "Gin and Haiji looked on silently, not making a move to "interrupt"(you wrote interpret) Tsuna,"

This Busdriver XD, when he dropped the bit about the poison all I could think was " why don't you tell everyone the color of his underwear when you are already spilling all his secrets."

I really liked the conversation between Gin and Tsuna, while I would have preferred it to be between Tsuna and all the others, including Gin this was really great and a moment to highlight Gins traits perfectly.

I somewhat regret that there is no scene describing the training, it sounds it would be a hell of a lot of fun to read.

Who would think that Haiji had this poetic site to him XD.

The Varia is here! But you misspelled Belphegors name XD.
And will we get to see a ringbattle between Vongola Members? And what about Chrome!?

This was another great chapter, I finished it way to fast :(..
Can't wait for the next one
6/1 c1 CAD270895
Finally more please
I hope that gokudera and chrome survive
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