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9/13 c19 11Sagilemiel
Very good ! I really loves this story !
9/13 c19 PheonixQueen15
Prompto stop being so pessimistic! Awesome chapter!
9/13 c19 Tsuki Banritt
Thanks for the chapter !
9/9 c18 ChaoticInscriber
*cheers* for Puppy-Prom and Pack Piles! It's lovely and adorable and I love it. Full Moons as a Pack would be such a wonderful bonding experience for our boys. Puppy-Prom fits our favorite blond so well when he's all excited or happy, especially when either state is tied to his favorite people being involved.

I wonder, could they eek their way through most Crownsguard training that all of the Retinue are supposed to have in their private training basement? All three have had most if not all of it, in some fashion or another over the years, and Gladio has already been poking Prom into working on more than just shooting with them now that the secret is properly shared.
It'd be rather neat if they could someday say that Prom actually had been trained properly as a member of the Retinue even though he couldn't join the usual official route for it. If it came up while most think he's just a sickly human, it can be taken as an equivalent to homeschooling - worked in around erratic health schedules in one-on-one settings rather than trying to force a rigid common schedule to work for someone physically incapable of reliably being able to follow it, and on the quiet instead of official so no one brought unneeded pressures to bear or criticisms, and some will assume "just in case he never managed to complete it" being a factor in not letting it be known.
Heck, Gladio might even get away with pointing out that no one but the Retinue knowing how trained "the civilian" really is makes for an excellent Ace-in-the-hole if a threat tries to take advantage of a seeming lack of protection, much like the attack at the school. If not even the Citadel's highest echelons knows the Prince's best friend has near enough all the training of a Crownsguard proper, how could an enemy be expected to have planned for that roadblock to their machinations?
That idea could also cover Prompto managing to be a bit too good at covering Noct in a less blatantly-wolfy manner should another incident crop up - blame it on sneaky training they'd been weaving in to their time spent together at the Apartment's Basement, "just in case".
Just because Prompto can't risk the usual training channels doesn't mean he can't train at all, especially things like Self Defense focused techniques (holds and breaking them, evasion/dodging, awareness, etc.) rather than things like cardio. Most Phys Ed in schools pushes a certain minimum of active physical stresses and efforts, a certain minimum of cardio and aerobic and all of that type of activity, which is a problem for anyone with a nonstandard physical state. But just because a "sick kid" can't do the more extensive strength and stamina training common to serious combat training doesn't mean he can't learn things like Aikido, the techniques to make use of what physical capabilities he already has to turn an attacker's body and momentum against them at minimal strain to the defender's. Adrenaline excuses a lot of not-to-dramatic lapses like not expecting the scrawny sickly kid to be able to slam someone bigger aside so easily, and actual practice and instruction in techniques meant to manipulate someone else's body movements rather than brute force an alteration can combine with that to explain things like flipping someone who tries to grab you over your shoulder and slamming them into the ground hard enough you can kick them in the head to knock them out.
Granted, Prompto probably doesn't need much training to manage that trick well enough, but learning it properly makes it easier, more effective, and smoother in a way that will help cover the "why and how" of him of all people pulling it off when not Out as a 'wolf yet.
It'd be something of an extension to the idea of teaching him to shoot a handgun and getting him certified to carry concealed even at school. They can even blame it on enough time spent around Gladio without the others as well as watching them train together, as far as "a practical idea being born" is concerned. Or maybe seeing Noct pull such a trick on Gladio in a spar, Noct being the next-smallest of the quartet and Gladio being his Brick House self.
Prompto is sweet, but not stupid and not keen to be helpless once the possibility of assassination attempts on his first and best friend came to his awareness. His "sick" cover might not let him protect Noct the way the other two have been trained to, but he is an excellent shot and being better able to keep an attacker from taking him hostage or otherwise preventing him from being able to make good use of his gun seems like something that would appeal to him (both if he actually was sick and not wanting to be a liability). Having more ways to be able to help in a crisis without blowing his cover would appeal to him, and definitely to Noct who is already hella protective, even Iggy and Gladio too for similar reasons.

And if he gets enough training with the guys in by the time anyone else finds out? Well, then they can push say, Cor, to break out whatever "graduation" tests he might have faced in standard Guard training as adapted to the Basement and less people involved. Point at it, and how well they can work together, as further proof of Prompto's loyalty and attachment to them, that he can handle enough of the requirements to get certified normally they just aren't willing to risk someone finding out his species issue due to the consequences.
Also the Pack and Pack Leader things, that too, that should mean A Lot to anyone who knows much about 'wolves? Yeah still illegal and still a risk, but better to have the lone 'wolf in Insomnia so dead loyal to the Crown Prince he follows him as his Pack Leader, neh? That they only haven't agreed to be marked as such because of the risk of discovery and that even on a full moon he still reacts to them accordingly despite the lack of marks.

Hm... I wonder, could the Armiger-granting magic-sharing links feel similar enough to help make up for the lack of proper pack markings after a while? Or can they not feel it enough despite Noct's awareness of them? Prompto should at least be able to feel Noct somewhat, right? If they want to, or practice feeling the magic to use it better enough. That would be cool, and useful.

I could honestly see them keeping up the charade at least through graduation if nothing else too big and alarming like the school bombing happen until after then. Might need some of those training-idea covers for small things, maybe, but also maybe not now that they are all on the same pages. It could be rather interesting, what else the Adults come up with trying to let Noct keep his best friend close as long as possible while thinking he's just a terminally ill human, and our boys quietly panicking the more things like "Prom maybe moving with them into the Citadel" get suggested/pushed as solutions.
As miserable as the stress could be, it would still be better than when Prom thought he was the only one Aware of the Truth - at least now he can properly share his stress with his friends who would also be worried and helping cover for him. It would also be at least a little bit amusing, imagining them internally flailing a bit, even as it feels mean to them to make them create ever more lies and elaborate schemes to protect their 'wolf.

Hm... how would the "sickness" play with the trip to Altissia to meet Luna? Noct could still put his foot down about bringing Prompto, but how would they handle the arguments about his health affecting things? Claiming he wanted Prom along for such an important milestone in his life while he could have him there, and that he wanted to bring his best friend on such a trip the one time he could possibly go with the best people to travel with (due to their familiarity with his health on top of a "young adult friends' roadtrip of a lifetime") could work on his Dad, as long as they had a reasonable plan for how to keep said "illness" from becoming a liability without oodles of extra protection.
By then he may be far less worried about the full moon around his Pack, as long as they are well away from other people. I liked the glimpse of them out Hunting together properly in the shorter version. Could they play that linking Prom to Noct's magic helps stabilise his "illness" without messing up the obfuscation of his moon-absences? Maybe that between his friends' ever-growing experience in helping him and the connection, he's less likely to keel over midday as opposed to waking up as a pile of crud, that it helps him be less wobbly when he isn't a full blown mess or that it helps enough to give him a chance to notice more warning signs before crashing? Claim it was a gradual thing they've noticed, perhaps not enough to "fix" him but enough to ease and extend things a bit, or so they hope.

...If they get that far without anyone else discovering the Secret... could they try to claim Prompto was infected sometime on the road during the Pilgrimage and Hunts? Or imply it, at least, let people assume?
It Would be rather different to a lot of people for them to be adamant about "keeping" Prom as one of them, if they thought he had been for a long time as a human and only then got 'wolfed. Proven loyalty and deep established friendship are good reasons to challenge some rules, even to the stuffy prats who might still object, even if it only counts to them as acceptable logic with the "infection" being new, like someone losing a limb but still being kept on albeit with adjusted duties.
(Or, like Iggy losing his sight but still being Noct's trusted Advisor. He couldn't read documents any more, but he could still do pretty much everything else, it just took him a while to relearn how. So he'd have needed some trusted minions to read things aloud for him and take dictation, or set up tablets and such to do so, but he could still be in charge of them and run Noct's daily life as usual.)
They could always decide to tell some version of the truth later, when things are established well enough to handle the upset better - at least compared to being on the run, legally dead, and hunted by the Enemy all over even their own turf.
9/9 c7 ChaoticInscriber
I've read this before, will again, adore it, but this time through?
I kept envisioning Prompto with fluffy golden wolf's ears and a wagging matching tail in at least half of the scenes if not more. Imagining him all delighted with his friend and new maybe-friend (in Iggy, who isn't quite familiar enough yet to be a definite friend the way Noct very much is but is getting there) his natural reactions just fit the wagging tail so well I couldn't help it. I love it. Puppy-Prom suits him so well!
6/3 c18 fraidykat
*Growls* You couldn't write more? Why do you do this to me? Great chapter. Stay safe and well.
6/3 c18 Jostanos
Omake: "Patience, Prince Noctis." the mauve haired observer muttered from his observation area; then hid himself from observation from others when he heard foot steps coming down the corridor near his location and a voice muttering "Damn that Cadet. When I get my hands on Matsuo.."
6/3 c18 Tsuki Banritt
Thanks for the chapter !
5/11 c17 FaylinRivershadow
I love the whole story. Very well written. I could see it playing like a story in my head. And as i have discovered of the stories i have read so far you love leaving the readers with giant cliff-hangers. I look forward to more of your stories and any updates you decide for your current ones.
4/30 c17 fennec
For me personally, you have great timing for updating one of my favorite final fantasy xv fics. A bright spot after a pet with a medical emergency in the middle of lockdown. Thank you.
I look forward to discovering how Noctis handles being Prompto's pack leader now that he's aware of the responsibility.
4/30 c17 Jostanos
Thank you for the update, Sci. This chapter was a joy to read. :)
4/30 c17 PheonixQueen15
Pack bonding! Yes!
4/30 c17 1Rhyssia
Gaaah. when did get to big ad-inserted? Lovely update, and now I shall wander back... back to the beginning.
4/30 c17 Tsuki Banritt
Thanks for the chapter !
4/30 c17 fraidykat
Thank you, wonderful chapter and cant wait until the next one where he changes in front of Noct and the guys. Hmm someone should make a cologne that smells like wolf. Stay safe and well.
Thank you,
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