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for Two Dozen Veela

1/13 c11 hpmick13
People throw looking curses around like they are going out of fashion. Harry knows Victorie is at risk but yet they're just wandering around without any security, Harry was fined the equivalent of $55 million dollars for defending himself and that doesn't even take into account any inflation.
1/13 c7 hpmick13
So he had Crabbe and Goyle but never confirmed if they were involved with the kidnappings or knew who was begging them. Sounds smart
12/7/2020 c16 major wallace
Nice work
12/2/2020 c16 1Sanders7201
this is the best post hogwarts story i have yet to have read. my only question is how did ginny die? great work.
11/14/2020 c16 crooked859
Incredibly well written. Had my skin crawling reading Pavarti's thoughts.
11/8/2020 c16 3Krimsons
Very well written story!

As for your final AN, I do think the writing was better than PtP, but the plot seemed lower stakes.
11/6/2020 c16 ThingsCanBeTwoThings
I liked this story quite a bit, though I can maybe understand why people love PtP, I think? This reads a bit like a movie. Frankly, I think it would work really well as a movie. There's slightly less depth (maybe not the right word) to the characters here, and it's very plot-forward. It feels as though we stepped into one hell of an action movie, whereas PtP is more of a bildungsroman. For people who loved canon, I think PtP is a closer approximation of canon that TDV.

In any case, I love the ending, I love Victoire, and I find your flawed characters endlessly interesting.
11/6/2020 c16 1Reginleif2004
Not really one to comment often but I had to say thanks for the excellent read. I really enjoyed the story, and I look forward to what you write in the future.
11/5/2020 c1 Tactical-Magician
Interesting story.
11/5/2020 c1 1BlondeTyche
This. This is a work of art! I cant wait to read more!
11/4/2020 c16 KnowPein
Nicely done

Though poor Fluer...
Anyways looking forward for your next project...
11/1/2020 c16 BigB12
The fact that his story has so little fan fare is mind boggling, was excellently done and administered. Ten/Ten.
10/31/2020 c16 2Thundramon
Thank you for finishing this story, loved the entire story but the epilogue had a complete tonal shift and may have been better off as a separate chapter or an omake. There were also some spelling errors this chapter like maranda and Sltytherin.

The ending with Parvati was really well done. The tiredness of Parvati running after things all went wrong manifesting as insanity. How all her plans crumbled after a single thread was clearly picked out. The mistake after mistake she made finally allowing Harry to catch up, kill the guards and capture her simply enough with a stunner and a portkey. It parallels a real world chase of criminals. All that urgency and expectation only for it to be over all of a sudden.

In contrast, I felt the epilogue was not formulated correctly, a lot of things were implied like Harry being a professor, head of Gryffindor, Harry being married to Gabrielle etc but I think this all should have been shown to the readers or atleast told to us by one of the characters. I would have loved a scene where Gabrielle is narrating all this to another person like a reporter interspersed with her flashbacks etc.
10/31/2020 c15 jc
ch 16 padma seemed to have her differences from sister explained quickly but well
10/31/2020 c16 jc
may have missed it seems like parvati expected him, or just in the mood at the time. what caused the mental issues though is the main question greed, racism understood as convenient. but the insanity? did i miss explanation
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