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12/29/2019 c1 Kupidity
well that was... short
12/21/2019 c1 Curieux
C’est un renard ou un chien ?
12/15/2019 c1 TOXIIIM
This is amazing. Everyone's gon be freaking out. I wonder what Mitsuki's and Masaru's, if he's in this fic, reactions will be. Also hopefully Katsuki will be friendly with him!
11/26/2019 c1 Dragonfang100
Interesting, I'm down for more.
11/17/2019 c1 2Xerzo LotCN
so izuku is a wolf boy (wolves are cooler the dogs or foxes) i hope this becomes a harem
11/14/2019 c1 Guest
I dig it so far dude!
11/11/2019 c1 MIKE202303
Nice work I look forward to more
11/11/2019 c1 Timeman
If you want inspiration read total command
11/11/2019 c1 Timeman
Yes love story’s like this
11/11/2019 c1 Guest
Please do more! I'm interested in this!
11/10/2019 c1 2ProjectIceman
Damn...you cant trust any info when it comes from Dr. Tsubasa...he has a strong façade
11/9/2019 c1 15Leaf Ranger
Nice prologue. Good start man. Keep it up.
11/9/2019 c1 ShadowLeo31
if you chose the hell hound quirk I'm excited to read this story even more so update soon :)
11/8/2019 c1 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next
11/8/2019 c1 11NPGamer11
I hope you can handle this. Total Command us an awesome story, and the fans will no tolerate you botching the concept.
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