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7/9 c16 catspats31
This chapter is definitely worth the wait because it featured the reunion between Nigel and his cousin. I can't wait to see more of the 5th Annual Games Next Door to see the other contestants that are competing.
7/8 c16 31zcross1997
Oh wow. Things are getting VERY interesting. I know Nigel is conflicted about fighting his cousin, but he could definitely take her down.
5/12 c14 zcross1997
This was a great chapter, but a very depressing one at that. Though I was glad that Harvey could be put in his place.
4/29 c10 3One Earth
I knew it would happen. Now Rachel will confess her love to Nigel after all these years (for me 20 times). If you consider that it comes before the whole world. I put myself in the villains and I would be most likely to support Numbuh 2. I've been a fan of the Hunger Games for years and it would be very funny to see someone build a plane, fly through the arena and bomb everyone
4/29 c9 One Earth
She will talk about her younger sister, like Katniss Everdeen did. I am curious to see, how the 3/4-thing will be. And all the others als, especially 1/362.
4/29 c13 31zcross1997
Wow, I’m curious to see how you write Rachel’s reaction when she finds out the truth. I’m glad to see Harvey out in his place, knowing what Abby eventually has done to him.
4/10 c12 zcross1997
Glad that Rachel and Nigel can admit their feelings. This chapter was a lot more peaceful than I thought it would be.
4/1 c11 zcross1997
Um, just wow. I honestly didn’t see that coming. Everything in this shocked me. That was probably one of the best chapters, next to the one with Chad and Fanny trying to get sponsors.
3/28 c8 3One Earth
Actually, I'm most looking forward to the show scene in which they are interviewed. I hope that the pairings with each other will be fun. I think it's a shame that it didn't happen that Nigel and Rachel are not a couple from the start and that they invent it later to get sponsors. And how they tell their story, from their collaboration in IT to the cake mission. That would have been the ideal satire towards the fandom. I think it's good that it is becoming increasingly independent of the Hunger Games. There are more and more places that have no parallels to the original.
3/26 c7 One Earth
I continue to read. It becames a little bit better. Also the part with ProfessorXXXL.
3/19 c10 IvanModzCrack
siguela porfavor
3/10 c10 31zcross1997
Oh shit! Now I’m nervous about how Nigel is gonna react and what Robin Food is gonna ask him. Great chapter, especially seeing Lydia still being ornery.
2/22 c8 catspats31
I enjoyed reading the fight scenes of this chapter and I can't wait for the Games Next Door to finally arrive so that I can see the other contestants.
2/22 c8 zcross1997
I definitely liked this chapter. It’s good to see the insight of Fanny’s and Chad’s heads. It’s great that Nigel and Chad are able to bury the hatchet on their past.
12/21/2019 c6 3One Earth
So that's the story of Cree. It's good that the thing has a happy ending for her.
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