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5/1 c14 bloodylover93
That goku like gon is fun
3/29 c4 tvoight
if I was born into a new world I would have to choose Goku from dragon ball do to the fact Goku could teach me how to utilize kai sense Kai is physical energy given from it is likely that so long as we have a body to train we could learn it
3/19 c22 jingerr
it's funny I hate crossovers but I'm love so much of your work. and really I'm dying for a hunter x hunter book that's amazing and completed
2/27 c42 Enri734
Love your story! Kinda sad it ended because I wanted to see what would u do if you continue the story in the dark continent.
12/25/2022 c42 1Injured32
I have read countless HXH fics, but I have to say this stands with best of them. because you understand how the characters are supposed to act I think that you niled Gon's characters on the head

had fun reading it.
12/11/2022 c1 op-natsu
are you going to star updating agen now that ther is new chapters out
12/6/2022 c42 Mr. ShiR0
i update?
11/30/2022 c42 2Athanasia Adhara
woooo! that's the end the visit with the sweets, I really thought Miwa was going to get poisoned since Rat seems to know something being smug. He might know about the radiation and that Miwa's life is numbered, also calling her a murderer when the hunters have body cams that shows Netero did a suicide.
11/29/2022 c31 74powerd
Honestly wasn't expecting to like this fic as much as I do. I can't tell whether I love Miwa's interactions with Gon and Killua more or her interactions with the Phanton Troupe more, it's all so perfect! Unfortunately, this is where I have to pause my reading since it's getting into spoiler territory for me, but you can bet once I finish the anime that I'll be back to finish this!
11/23/2022 c35 Booklovinkitten
I'm telling you it's the happy ones you have to watch for.
10/23/2022 c1 Guest
10/23/2022 c1 Guest
Dropped this fic after chapter 20, your character has no problem chuming up to the phantom troupe and in general no problem with killing but the moment Kurapika wants revenge on the group who need I remind you, killed his entire clan, tortured children infront of their parents so their eyes could be more red and beat the shit out of gon and killua, all of a sudden it's a problem and she starts acting all righteous, girl stfu, that's some questionable ass writing there.
I have no problem with mass killing, torture and child endangerment but I draw the line at Kurapika for being rightfully angry/vengeful against a group that killed his entire clan. Yeah I'm done with this fic
10/22/2022 c1 10BattleshipFusou
Answer: It's Time by Imagine Dragons.
9/21/2022 c15 Gear master
Oh it’s gonna be that kind of relationship they were going to make a great couple
9/21/2022 c10 Gear master
From what point of the timeline is this Kurama
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