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5/21 c42 h91702669
Otros cap
5/20 c26 thomascastillo9987
the guy thavmakes things good
5/20 c25 thomascastillo9987
a red scare communistic democracy
5/20 c14 thomascastillo9987
all fiction
5/20 c10 thomascastillo9987
a hollow
4/25 c16 1994dominik
They are so homicidely cute
4/17 c22 dragon soul97
hot chocolate or green tea depending if its cold or not for hoot drinks, dr. pepper for cold drinks.
12/23/2023 c13 1Ultimatrix bearer
What would be pure spiritual energy?

12/12/2023 c7 MoinLeute
honestly, amnesia on a OP character is just a shitty way to nerf them. If you dont want an OP character then dont make one.
10/28/2023 c7 FrostyKat
Im rereading this because i loved it so much
9/28/2023 c31 1Nai Darkor
I call comets
9/1/2023 c37 Riger
I feel like Netero's final act made ZERO sense. I get why he went nuclear against Meruem. Meruem was a threat to the entire species.
But there was literally no reason to use the radiation bomb against the mc who he wanted to live. It was pointless, and felt totally arbitrary.
8/30/2023 c26 8Shadow's soul
I was quite surprised how much I've gotten attached to this fanfic.
8/15/2023 c25 Ally
Oh I would love a tree city. I’d love a city that worked with nature instead of against it
8/12/2023 c31 Tinker Infestation
S-She just called Neferpitō nice? I hate the mc currently until she rectifies this mistake by killing her
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