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5/5 c32 Aetherium21
God I completely love this story! Thanks so much for writing and sharing
5/5 c29 Aetherium21
Miwa is utterly hilarious.
5/5 c28 Aetherium21
Hahaha getting some Addams family vibes from that bunch
4/18 c11 phosphophillite49
I didn't watch completely hxh, but is canon gon really that ok with casual killing ?
4/5 c42 anon
oh my god. that was the best story ever. not just fanfics though, but literal published books. I love it!
3/26 c42 Makaila Horinek
This story was amazing! I loved it I hope you decide to continue it or even just continue it from here with your own ideas on what could happen. I remember when I watched the last episode of HXH I totally cried my eyes out when the parted ways. Goodbye are always so sad
3/22 c10 francell.miller
that being said, no real complaints. just nitpicking
3/22 c11 francell.miller
I generally don't do reviews, but some advice for future stories I can find time for. As an Army Veteran, hearing that something is "military grade" is a big red flag, because anyone with any military experience will tell you that "military grade" is code for "built as cheaply as possible". military grade pants are basically expected fail catastrophically from the slightest inconvenience.

otherwise, really awesome story.
3/19 c40 cassnova5424
answer: one of the last 3 is a fem HP fix where she gets tossed more than 1k years in the past. if I got to go back too I guess I'd just go along for the ride, and by the nature of the loop I'd be pretty much guaranteed to live through it if I existed in the present.
3/18 c30 cassnova5424
answer: Fate Gilgamesh, why the hell not
3/18 c29 cassnova5424
answer: Code geass C.C, no doubt 100%
3/18 c28 cassnova5424
answer: bleach kisuke urahara and sora and shiro from no game no life.
3/18 c19 cassnova5424
answer: machi, free and ready use of nen stitches

bonus answer: honestly dont like kurapika all that much, wouldn't care if he lived or died but if he got over his revenge I'd be interested to see his character develop.
3/18 c19 cassnova5424
pacific rim, I will never get tired of that movie. too bad they never made a sequel, some people seem to think they did but I haven't seen anything worth calling one.
3/5 c28 Kal
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