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1/16 c23 16Chmia
Interesting, I am glad you took the story away from Greed Island. This allows us to read something different, but still allows all the important bits to happen in the background. Thank you for writing.
1/16 c22 Derplord2.0
Aww I really like the greed island arcbut I love this book so far xD
1/16 c23 AvidReader2425
Thanks for another fantastic chapter, really looking forward to the next one. And harry potter and overlord, constantly growing my knowledge as far as I could take it, and pushing the bounds of what is possible and impossible
1/16 c22 AvidReader2425
This is such a heartwarming chapter, loved it! Absolutely love the story, I think I love this as much as the Harry Potter one that you write. My go to warm beverage Hass to be coffee, I drink it every day LOL, and my favorite cold beverage has to be Thai ice tea.
1/16 c21 AvidReader2425
Absolutely love Camila as well, now that I know who she is LOL. And once again, I go to my favorite fanfiction, I’ll choose Harry Potter, I don’t imagine he’ll be too demanding, and a rather nice individual overall. And honestly, I would really like for her to be friend the ant king and maybe a few others, his death as well as the death with a girl he liked/loved, always made me cry.
1/16 c20 AvidReader2425
Thanks for another fantastic chapter, thank you very much. And of course the ant king
1/16 c19 AvidReader2425
Another fantastic chapter, thank you very much. And there are a lot of movies I really love to be sure, but I think it would be one of two movies, not really because they’re my favorite, they are definitely up there, they just have a very Rewatchables feel. It would be either the Man from Earth or the fountain
1/16 c18 AvidReader2425
Absolutely awesome and fun chapter, foxes were on my mind, but I never got to cuddle one, and Worgens are cool, especially finding out about them from your Harry Potter story LOL. And assassin
1/16 c17 AvidReader2425
Another excellent chapter, thank you very much. And puppies, dogs, kittens
1/16 c16 AvidReader2425
Thanks for another excellent chapter. Really curious on how you will develop her nen ability, looking forward to what you come up with. And Edward from the Anita Blake series.
1/16 c15 AvidReader2425
I ship her and Killua so badly right now, they must marry! lol. Considering I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter, I would like for him to be my friend/Rival, pushing him to do better and better, considering what fate has in store for him.
1/16 c14 AvidReader2425
Firstly, best wishes for your health, secondly, thanks for another awesome chapter. And definitely overkill everything like overlord, I would rather be in a position of power and whatever world a I’m in to have the freedom to have fun, rather than being terrified of dying constantly.
1/16 c13 AvidReader2425
Thanks for another very fun chapter, loving it. Either emission or conjuration
1/16 c12 AvidReader2425
Molecular disintegrator blast that moves at the speed of light, but only disintegrates my mentally chosen target. Thanks for another awesome chapter
1/16 c11 AvidReader2425
Another fantastic chapter, and I totally support this future marriage! And the day I moved in with my grandfather
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