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11/19/2021 c39 37Siera-Knightwalker
I've heard the song foxhunter so many times. Have you heard "the nine tailed fox" by Hong dae sung? It's beautiful.
11/19/2021 c39 SumeragiByakuren
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you so much for updating! Please please please please please update again soon! I beg of you! I can't wait for more!
11/18/2021 c39 1thomquiri
Pito against Hisoka and Illumi then? sounds fun :)
11/18/2021 c39 4EricFreak
A cool chapter. Even when things are bleak, we can look to Miwa to see that ray of sunshine she is. Hopefully all goes well. Otherwise. "Boo! Noooo! BOO!"
11/18/2021 c39 arispuffer
You know we love your work wither way,

At this point it an addition now :X
11/18/2021 c39 Guppy72
Pariston would be my favourite
11/18/2021 c39 starrat
I loved it
11/18/2021 c39 3LetTheWorldHonorTheFallen
GREAT CHAPTER ! I can't wait for more~
Calling Miwa a murderer as if the President didn't kill himself
11/18/2021 c39 2AvidReader2425
Thanks for another entertaining chapter, and I suppose dragon for the zodiac animal
11/18/2021 c39 30Engineer4Ever
Ending so soon? Whelp, it is a good place to do it. So I wonder if ppl will vote for her to be elected lolz.
11/18/2021 c39 SevenChaoticNinjas
I just got this notification for a new chapter and went straight to even! I’m at work but it’s a slow day so I’ll be fine! So happy we got an update thanks!
11/15/2021 c23 3Zorua1
Pokemon and Digimon
11/9/2021 c5 Chomusuke
Yup, it's a bit to much for me. Not really into the "Protect and follow the OG cast" thing that's going on with this, sorry if I offended you. Just not into a "Nothing much change" kind of Fanfic, so yeah.
11/9/2021 c3 Chomusuke
It might get a bit to light "Hearted" for me, but I'll read more to see if it fits in my range of tastes.
11/2/2021 c38 HerocynCooldown
Don't do this to me... I need to know what happen next.
Desr author... I'm waiting here for you ok? So please come back quickly
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