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11/30/2022 c42 2Athanasia Adhara
woooo! that's the end the visit with the sweets, I really thought Miwa was going to get poisoned since Rat seems to know something being smug. He might know about the radiation and that Miwa's life is numbered, also calling her a murderer when the hunters have body cams that shows Netero did a suicide.
11/29/2022 c31 74powerd
Honestly wasn't expecting to like this fic as much as I do. I can't tell whether I love Miwa's interactions with Gon and Killua more or her interactions with the Phanton Troupe more, it's all so perfect! Unfortunately, this is where I have to pause my reading since it's getting into spoiler territory for me, but you can bet once I finish the anime that I'll be back to finish this!
11/23/2022 c35 Booklovinkitten
I'm telling you it's the happy ones you have to watch for.
10/23/2022 c1 Guest
10/23/2022 c1 Guest
Dropped this fic after chapter 20, your character has no problem chuming up to the phantom troupe and in general no problem with killing but the moment Kurapika wants revenge on the group who need I remind you, killed his entire clan, tortured children infront of their parents so their eyes could be more red and beat the shit out of gon and killua, all of a sudden it's a problem and she starts acting all righteous, girl stfu, that's some questionable ass writing there.
I have no problem with mass killing, torture and child endangerment but I draw the line at Kurapika for being rightfully angry/vengeful against a group that killed his entire clan. Yeah I'm done with this fic
10/22/2022 c1 10BattleshipFusou
Answer: It's Time by Imagine Dragons.
9/21/2022 c15 Gear master
Oh it’s gonna be that kind of relationship they were going to make a great couple
9/21/2022 c10 Gear master
From what point of the timeline is this Kurama
9/13/2022 c28 imnotahorcrux
She's a Lucilfer now, going to be a Zoldyck. HAHAHHA
7/14/2022 c1 Yumi
I love the story so...I'm waiting for the next season
6/22/2022 c27 2Otherion
Wait, the empire of the sun... that's just Japan
6/18/2022 c42 beyond.the.staras
Love the story! Since the manga is off hiatus, I can't wait to see what you do when you continue!
6/10/2022 c20 sleeper mob
i thought your OC being a simp towards the spider bastards was the worst, but she transformed into a sanctimonious bitch forcing her worldview on someone she had no right to. who is she to say to kurapika that his revenge is pointless? she kills on a whim people who inconvenience her in the slightest yet she has the audacity to tell someone off, someone who got their whole fcking clan wiped out by the spider bastards because why? because she's simping for them? uggghhh. this story was fun at first but your OC really makes me sick.
6/10/2022 c19 sleeper mob
ewww this OC makes me sick. couldn't you just make her kill the troupe for hurting killua and gon? i mean when she hiraishin'd towards them, that's the time where killua already got his ankles almost separated from his legs. isn't she supposed to be overprotective of them? she already killed those tourists for attempting to hurt the old gatekeeper at the zoldyck estate. he's just a freakin employee and you still made your OC kill those tourists for potentially inconveniencing killua yet the phantom troupe gets a free pass from actually making him stressed over gon's safety and almost crippling him? making her all chummy and shit with these spider bastards is just gag-inducing.
6/10/2022 c18 sleeper mob
that alternative scenario should have been the main one. i hate OC's who go all chummy and simp for bastards like the phantom troupe.
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