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5h c24 Haymore
Shocking grasp / D&D spell, touch range, electrocutes target. Simple and effective if you can perform it without hand seals, and power should scale with the amount of chakara fed. Make it work with taijutsu, either punch, grab or kick. Could work with ninja wires too, so he could use his existing jutsu as a base.
9h c10 Haymore
I don't know if it is still relevant to you, but your third point about wondering you being a good writer or something: Yes. Yes you are, your writing makes me feel things and I care about stuff that is happening in this ff. So I would call it good writing. Now I have 80 chapters to go, so lets see if you kept it up ;)
17h c15 Cool Idea
What if he figured out a way to draw the village using the writing skills and Kanji to practice both at once, it would be an expressionistic image of a map made with kanji to draw the roads and he could even alter some of them and stylize them to fit. So he would be in some ways because the village is a giant circle, what if he realizes from his drawing that the village is a huge seal. After he is done drawing it, even the layout of the roads and buildings are pieces of a seal and when something is destroyed it's rebuilt with the same footprint for a reason.
5/16 c1 1uchiha-rune
I remember this fic, it seems to have another 50 chaps, imma reread
5/16 c26 samaritan17
So far I'm really enjoying this story. One thing I've noticed that is really jarring and makes it hard to read sometimes is 80-90% of the time you mix up "on" and "in". "On" is often used when "In" should be used and vice-versa.
5/15 c93 1A Stifled User
This is probably the best Gamer story currently updating.

Please keep up the good work!
5/15 c36 RyuuyaOoguro
now that im rereading it... wow the exam drama lasted looooong, like 40 chaps?
5/15 c93 Gilgamesh50
If Eiji had the zenkai boost then he would be op by now
5/15 c93 firlz
Thoughts at the start of the chapter: Oh god we're gonna have another existential crisis and bullshit.

Thoughts at the end of the chapter: Not today, Satan!
5/15 c93 adam110902
great chapter
5/14 c93 PSYCongroo
El clima está un poco frío y lluvioso por aquí.
5/14 c93 Arclight001
Shirakumo is such a tsundere, I love it.
5/14 c93 4ImHellaUgly
You lucky bastard I wish I could get some of that cold weather it’s hot and humid where I’m at. Nice chapter, glad we’re not getting another coma arc to be honest. And it’s cool to see Eiji get some recognition for basically saving Iwa from getting nuked.
5/14 c93 LeoniLiponscovi2
Awesome fic! The weather here is hot and humid, I’m in witchita Kansas for a wedding. Do not recommend.
5/14 c93 Numbet1ebaystoregmail
glad eiji woke up
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