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9/24 c11 orlanix
too much friendship in this story and the mc being the mom to his peers is somewhat not so intriguing. i really wanted to see more emotions like hate envy loath.. also the mc is like a saint or smth
9/24 c9 orlanix
you shouldn't have gone to this extent in his relationship with naruto, moving to live together is just limiting and naruto is an annoying character i can't put up with every fanfic having the mc babysit naruto but it is what it is
9/24 c4 orlanix
it's just too much interaction with naruto, that's what i don't like about naruto gamer fics, the mc always tries to babysit naruto and make his life better, I'm just saying kid naruto is an annoying character overall..
9/24 c142 TheBeauty
This is the first Gamer ff to reach the ending that I've ever read. Very nice world building even though the main character was way overpowered. I liked it very much though :)
9/17 c17 yrlastin
Please use Maito Gai instead!
9/17 c16 yrlastin
He gained access to his mindscape shortly after starting to meditate and sorted and guarded his memories. Therefore he shouldn't be able to forget the faces of his loved ones.
9/13 c80 Ricee
an interaction between the chakra beast and hachibi would be pretty funny, "look, you have a daughter!"
9/10 c133 SirLaze
Man had me sweatin with all the flags being raised.
I've been reading this on and off for quite some time, and I can only remember it being a good read.
9/10 c132 SirLaze
9/9 c142 Guest
One of the best stories I’ve read on here in years.
9/8 c1 Riger
Great story. I've read a LOT of different fanfictions and am currently on a Naruto kick. Of all the ones I've read on the site, this was absolutely in my top 3 along with Konoha's Light and Legion of Naruto.
9/6 c8 Pvtcheeks
Much less smirking and diverse facial expressions, much appreciated
9/6 c4 Pvtcheeks
I gave a smirk, and he smirked, because I smirked while he smirked, as the smirk on my face smirked at his smirk, when he smirk at my smirk causing my smirk to make his smirk, smirk while i smirked at his smirk with a smirk…does he have any other facial expressions by chance? Like I get he’s happy and shit for accomplishing something but dude…no one smirks that much, not even chinese cultivators teaching a young master his place my guy…like its literally every four paragraphs if not less, yeesh man.
9/4 c75 Magicthunder1
Tsuchigumo is sooooo CUTE!
9/4 c8 Brendan1479
The interaction where Shikamaru begins to feel motivated to train brought tears to my eyes. I don't know why but it did. I can't wait to read more
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