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6/18 c37 Obstrocity
"You are weak, all of you."... "I'm 13..." would have been hilarious lmao
6/18 c109 whytf
So Eiji and Tayuya huh? Well I for one always liked her character design, but you saying that just because you wrote it, doesn't mean the ship will sail. But it also means that the ship has a chance right? Otherwise it feels wasteful if you start writing the ship only to say it won't work in the AN.
6/18 c32 Obstrocity
It's probably pointless to comment, considering the story is already finished. I'll do so anyways though. I have really enjoyed the story so far. When I started reading it, I expected to hate it, considering the first few chapters seemed like
after nerf. I am glad I continued to read, though. So far, my only complaint is that the emotional side of it seems overdone. I have never been trapped in an endless void for who knows how long, though, so this could be completely accurate.
6/17 c89 whytf
I really like Jirobo as a character, in a world full of not-so-sane individuals, he feels the most normal.
6/16 c95 1EmporerRyu
As a puppet, the great Mukade! It would be a centipede with dozens of limbs, each with their own use and everything is rigged to explode incase things went FUBAR.
6/16 c90 EmporerRyu
Kakuzu in the sole reason that he has Earth Grudge Fear. That shit is awesome.
6/16 c48 whytf
Idk why, I kinda already expexted it to be spider.
6/16 c87 EmporerRyu
The chapters have been good, but I miss the First Person POV.
6/15 c76 EmporerRyu
I play a good bit of video games. My most recent was Tears of the Kingdom.
6/15 c68 EmporerRyu
I agree on the puppets. And hey, if you get good enough, dozens of tiny puppets is an idea.
6/15 c67 EmporerRyu
A confusing Hellscape of cubes and glitching spaces, everything with its own gravity. Designed in such a way that I, and I alone, know how to traverse it.
6/15 c66 EmporerRyu
My favorite Greek God is either Zeus or Ares. One throws lightning, the other throws hands.
6/15 c65 EmporerRyu
Madara is hands down best Jinchuriki. Man spits literal oceans of flame. Nothing better than that.
6/15 c75 Erizar
I'm irrationally annoyed by the upset from the Akatsuki. It is logical, there is really no way for any OC to interfere with the plans of the Akatsuki if they acted "rationally". Imagine the chaos that Obito could create by making Onoki use Dust Release against ANY village. Unfortunately it rushes the story forward and I was enjoying your character work.
6/14 c57 EmporerRyu
I play the ocarina!
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