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11/17 c30 Guest
Holy hell, Eiji's got his first kill, 2 legendary swordsman of the mist killed and Danzo & Hiruzen both grooming Eiji for the future... this plot is insane! Can't wait to see the rest of the chapters! Hope you are doing well, take care!
11/16 c10 lasiefo
because of your amazing pokemon novel and the top rating of this novel
i thought i would give it a try
and it has been amazing
10/10 so far
im excited for the next chapters
11/16 c33 WannaBeAShapeShifter
To be honest, the Nuibari plotline is unnecessary.
The tanto would've been much more interesting.
The whole wire thing just unnecessarily complicates the fighting style and for ROOT missions he will need the tanto anyway.
11/16 c28 WannaBeAShapeShifter
I mean, look, the Sword is perhaps the coolest weapon there is.
Dual-wielding is cringe to the highest extreme unless you are a viking.
Greatswords? Possible, but not as a ninja. Kisame and Zabuza are exceptions. They have the style and power to use those.
Madara's weapon is special because it is MADARA's weapon. Anyone else would be clown. Obito managed it pretty well.

Hand-to-hand like Guy and Lee is fine too.

But swords are all in all just better.
11/16 c14 WannaBeAShapeShifter
I like that Danzo is not a complete asshole here.
He really, really could do a lot of good if he were so inclined.
Konoha DOES need a darker force, for when even ANBU are too obvious.
11/16 c20 Guest
Interesting... the general teams don't change, Anko is Eiji's Jon in... tbh I suspected it might be Anko after you mentioned the snake summon as a potential and I agree that the teams needed to be that way when you look at the big picture of specialisations. Personally I have enjoyed the pacing you've had and how you've done the interactions, it makes a pleasant change! Also I do like the Gamer system being a bit toned down, makes the story not ridiculous and stops it from just running away from you. Hope you are doing well, take care!
11/15 c10 Guest
Stumbled across your fiction by chance and it's got me hooked!
11/14 c98 BlazerBug
just realized that if he went to the summon realm everyday and defeated spiders at dawn everyday he could realistically cheese devour hope
11/12 c32 chrizalapar03
This shit is cringefest. Imagine watching the Anime but it's not titled "Naruto" and it's titled "Sasuke" instead. You got it. The story is filled with Drama and Bromance, crying left and right, cold mc but actually a drama king in the inside. This novel is giving me goosebumps!

I really want to like this story. No i liked it and i enjoyed it actually but the 'Drama Bromance' is just too disgusting as it is everywhere. There's just too much of it and it's god-fvcking-annoying. I tried to suck it up and bear it, i say to myself that there won't be that shitty drama again then it comes back again and again and again. It never ends! I just can't enjoy it with all the cringey drama. Until i can't bear it anymore thinking just how much crying and batshit drama waiting for me? It'll gonna happen once every 5-6 chapters. No thanks. This is more like Hurt/Comfort story! Atleast tell us for christ sake!

And this chapter especially annoyed the fvck out of me, author was forcing the story to have this cringe inducing drama from time to time and in this chapter made me snapped with started MC thinking things like "Naruto would maybe hate me if he found out i killed someone" Oh god. Lemme tell you, this guy had such a close brother with naruto in this story! Forget the fact that he even have a memories about the naruto series and lots of fanfic in his past life and now he is even actually in brother relationship with naruto and yet he thinks naruto is such a shallow boy that would hate him because of that? Naruto would never! Author knows that! Readers knows! I know! Everyone fvcking knows! and MC should also know that even more goddammit but nope, author wants to indulge himself with these drama and he had to force it into the story. Fvck everything, even if it's stupid and doesn't make sense the Drama Cringe would be eternally there. I regretted reading this. I wish i know what i'm getting into from the beginning so wouldn't have wasted time reading this.
11/9 c8 kevinm60riley
dead by daylight
11/4 c127 dastewie2012
Chakra conductive metal is the answer
11/4 c90 dastewie2012
He could increase his pool to twice his normal chakra then use shadow clone then go back into a normal state. Boom nature energy clone trick
11/2 c34 2Pvtcheeks
? He already had B level chakra control, so it did nothing? interesting.
10/27 c99 4Burakkumi
Honestly it's around here at chapter 99 that I consider just stopping. Things are kinda boring now, I feel like the gamer system doesn't even matter anymore and honestly there are just too many things going on with the main character that all hardly seem like they'd work together.

I feel like the worst part of the story is the "void" genjutsu. At this point it's just a plot device that's pretty much an instant win against pretty much anyone. Also the main character has kinda just become basic. His goal is to protect his new family and to actually live. But my problem is that there's no sense of danger anymore. Saying he could have beat two S rank missing nin easily if he went all out kinda does that. He has become overpowered, the problem is that overpowered characters can be good as long as they are complex, but this main character just isn't. Like Kabuto said, he's simple. Sure he's hiding things but it doesn't seem like he's actually struggling with any major problems, has he ever actually panicked? Even when getting marked and having a chakra beast form in his own head and destroy a lot of it. I saw potential in him not knowing the extent of the damage and end up becoming a darker character, starting to lose morals and nearly become the second comming of Orochimaru, that would have been interesting, maybe needing to fight against his friends, the very people he helped train.

The chakra beast is a dues ex machina, feels like a lazy excuse to have him not have a hard time with things.

Regardless, I liked the story up until he was sent to the stone village.
10/27 c60 ultoriousflama
I think it was more enjoyable from the mc pov
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